Riverboat Tour

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to see the city from a different perspective. My friend Hannah and I signed up for a riverboat architectural tour of the city. If you are ever in Chicago and wondering what to do, I highly recommend this tour! We were able to sit back, relax, and learn […]

Coffee Please

While I don’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur, I was able to immerse myself in the world of coffee this past week. Upon entering the world’s largest Starbucks off of Michigan Ave. I was immediately surrounded by the comforting rich aroma of roasting coffee beans. Exploring all four levels revealed a restaurant, coffee bar, and […]

First Week In the Windy City

After three night-shifts at the hospital, two classes, commuting through a blizzard, and a celebratory pizza run, I’m happy to say my first official week in Chicago was a success! When beginning anything new, there can be a mix of both excitement and apprehension. Earlier this week, I found myself having excitement for the opportunity […]

One Month Left Until Graduation!

Oh my stars have the last several weeks flown by with both joy of the happy and bittersweet kind. Adventures have included exploration of the Chicago Natural History Museum, ’80 & ’90s-themed milkshake bars, the “World’s Best Fried Chicken”, the creamiest of ice creams, the Art Institute, green rivers, the Cheesecake Factory Experience, nostalgia of […]