Anna Stowe ’26 – IES Abroad Dublin, Ireland

Class of 2026
Major | English (Creative Writing)
Minor | History
Hometown | Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Off-Campus Study Program
IES Abroad – Writer’s Program
Dublin, Ireland

Hey! My name is Anna Stowe and I am a sophomore studying Creative Writing and History. I couldn’t imagine studying anything else. I practically grew up in the library, reading anything I could get my hands on. Through literature, I became fascinated by the intersection of fiction and reality. In the future, I want to explore stories that have been relatively forgotten, the voices of ordinary people going about their daily lives. I absolutely love reading and writing accompanied by Noah Kahan and Taylor Swift. I love to talk books, take walks, and drink copious amounts of tea and coffee. I’m looking forward to trying new coffee shops in Dublin!

What I’m Excited About: Since the day I was approved to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland, I’ve had a countdown on my phone for my departure date. I made a YouTube playlist focused on videos filmed in Ireland so that I could learn from other people’s experiences. It’s safe to say I’m both excited and terrified about everything. I can’t wait to explore Dublin and partake in its history and culture but I am also worried about living with individuals from vastly different backgrounds. That being said, I cannot wait to gain more independence and explore both Ireland and as much of Europe as possible. Really, I’m just excited to be living my dreams!