Prehistoric Mystery

A couple weekends ago, I was able to take a train down south with a friend to visit one of the best known ancient wonders of the world – Stonehenge! Before coming to England, this was one of my bucket list items to see. As I soon discovered, this prehistoric site gets mixed reactions among […]


As I stepped off the train, I checked off another country to visit while studying abroad. Not only is Freiburg near France, it is also near the border of Germany and Switzerland. Despite COVID, it is still easy to travel among most of the countries in the Schengen Area. To enter Switzerland, I only needed […]


As I enter my taxi at 6:50 am, I am filled with excitement flooded over by anxiety; anxiety of traveling to a whole other country by myself. Yes, I traveled to England by myself, and I am the only person here with American cultural background. Yet, sitting in the taxi, I started to doubt myself. […]

Street Art

One of my favorite parts of living in cities is the constant inundation of art. There are buskers in the street playing music at all hours of the day, free museums to explore, and street art and graffiti everywhere. Street art is so captivating to me because it is ever-changing. Artists can cover someone else’s […]

A Weekend in Paris

One of the many pros to studying abroad in Europe is that you are so close to other European countries. My flight this past weekend to Paris took less time than it would take me to fly from Michigan to Florida. In my program, IES classes are 90 minutes Monday through Thursday which gives us […]

Over + Under

Teotitlan del Valle. With a name like that, one would expect an archaeological masterpiece or something. For that very reason, I was quite underwhelmed when, after a bumpy 40-minute ride, the bus pulled up to a rather insignificant-looking building. Boy was I wrong. I walked in the door and immediately my eyes fixated on the […]

A Walk Across the Border

Freiburg is in the southwest corner of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The city is within an hour train ride of both Switzerland and France. One Sunday, some friends from my group and I decided to take the train to the German city of Breisach. It was about a half-hour train ride, which was […]


This week my program traveled to Chester by train! The city has expanded outside the ancient wall, but surrounding the center of the city is an ancient Roman wall. It was designed to protect the city from outsiders, keep all the animals in, and served as a training ground of the soldiers. We walked on […]

Dunes & Deserts

During our excursion in the south of Jordan, we visited Wadi Rum, Jordan’s most famous desert. Wadi Rum is famous around the world, and chances are you have probably seen it on the big screen once or twice. The Martian, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Rogue One: Star Wars, Aladdin, The Rise of Skywalker, and […]

British Life

So much has happened every single day there is no better way to tell you than a daily breakdown. But first, an introduction! What is really cool about my program, that none of us quite knew, is we have our weeks broken down in a way of exploration. The first two, middle one, and last […]