10 Reasons to be Thankful

Every Thanksgiving, Americans around the world are asked to practice gratitude and thankfulness. For me, this was the first Thanksgiving I was not celebrating with my family. It was easy to wish to be back at home, among the delicious fare my family whips up. But I found myself in London, thousands of miles away […]

Traveling in Nepal: Buses, Motorbikes and Frogger

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about the game frogger, but crossing the streets of Nepal often feels like I am the frog in that game. Traveling here is quite the adventure. If there are road rules, people don’t follow them. Stop lights and stop signs don’t really exist. Well, there are some stop […]

Hello Nepal and My Sweet Host Family

During these past few weeks, I have transitioned from Chile to Nepal. While some parts of transitioning are challenging, I have had an amazing experience. I live with my host dad and his mom who are Newari, and my host mom who is Japanese. I have two host siblings, a little sister who is four, […]

A Weekend in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is lovely because it can be touristy in some areas, but those touristy areas are easy to get away from. Finding transport to fun places on the weekend in Chiang Mai almost always starts with hopping into the back of a red truck. These trucks are one of my favorite modes of transportation […]

A Wale(s) of a time

Standing back on solid ground with my hands shaking, a classmate asked me, “Is this what you imagined studying abroad would be like?” I replied, “No, I imagined myself in the library doing homework!,” to which our international student support manager overheard us, laughed, and smiled.  I had just completed the second part of that […]

Beauty at High Altitude

In my last blog post I talked a bit about my trip up to the northern Chilean town of Putre, and I’m going to take this opportunity to share a little bit more about the trip with you because, honestly, it was beautiful and I loved every minute of it. During the trip, we got […]

The Key is Reciprocity

Part of my SIT study abroad program is getting the opportunity to travel throughout the country, and stay with host families of different cultures. The first of these trips was to the northern Chilean town of Putre, where I got the opportunity to stay with an Aymara family for several days. The Aymara people are […]

íshellan var mjög köld

After settling down, eating, and fully absorbing that we truly were spending the night in Iceland, there was a big decision to be made. Is it most sensible to stay put and rest up in preparation of the next day of travel? Is life telling us to seize the day and explore, even though we’re […]


Before I left for Thailand, I had a few friends who studied abroad give me some advice on weekend travel. They told me that weekends were valuable, and they could either be used to spend time getting to know your city or traveling around to new ones. So far, I have had a healthy mix […]

Homestay Family, Bella Vista, and Corn Tortillas

For three of the four weeks I’m in Chile, I get to live with my host mom, Claudia, and her twelve year old son, Lucas. My host mom is an incredibly talented photographer, and her house is full of her photos and different types of artwork. She’s completed many projects and books capturing human rights […]