Chicago the City that NEVER Sleeps

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a minute, this week has been fairly busy for me! I’ve experienced so much since the last blog. From the crazy busy red line to the chill blue line my work days have been amazing. I’ve been video editing for INDIRAP Productions and it has been a journey! This past week I’ve experienced a mixture of chill easy edits to stressful projects that needed a lot of time management. This week I really had to apply my time management skills because I edited a video with 9 interviews and a TON of b-roll.

I’ve also been on a lot of red line trains that have been packed elbow to elbow.

This past weekend I went to the Pilsen festival where I enjoyed lots of good drinks and shopping at local businesses. I bought a lot of jewelry and a very cute fluffy black hat for the winter. I also enjoyed a huge Jamaica drink from the best local vendor! There was also tons of beautiful art and live music. I also went to Lakeview to enjoy Taco Fest. I waited ONE HOUR for tacos and I don’t know if I could say it was worth it! (yikes.)

I was also able to go see POST MALONE for $40 bucks. This was a very spontaneous decision. I bought them the night before and went with some friends. This was such an amazing experience Post Malone made his concert feel like a small intimate concert and his stage set up was incredible. He had lights that were shaped as space shuttles and I just fell apart (haha get it).

I also got to see a musical theatre called Clyde’s which was about a sandwich shop who was ran by a really mean woman named Clyde. All the chefs were ex-convicts and it takes us through their journeys and all the regrets and inspirations they have. And it has an amazing soundtrack that included Cardi B.

I also went to the Museum of Contemporary Photography and there was amazing photographers. My favorite piece was of this young girl smoking a candy cigarette because it represents the ways we are influenced by our parents. And there was amazing nature photography by Ansel Adams.

So far I have experienced so many fun FREE things and for me that is super important. I don’t have a ton of money to spend but Chicago has so much to offer for free. I have found all of these actives by searching for it, following Chicago instagrams, the Chicago Semester Program itself, and by all of the people I have meet. I call this the city that never sleeps because it truly is always busy but not always loud. I enjoy the beautiful moments I have spent with all the people I have met and I cannot wait for what the next few weeks will bring me. See you next time.

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