Before The Take Off

Chicago, IL

And so it begins.

After spending a long summer in the Kansas, I’m finally getting closer to leaving Kansas and starting a new chapter in the city of Chicago. My passion for filmmaking has inspired me travel to a place full of possibility and connections. This year I will being doing the Chicago Semester Program and I’m so excited to start. I will be interning with INDIRAPS, a film production marketing company. My tasks will vary from personal projects to learning new skills and helping the team. I will also be taking two classes, one being Arts in the City and Diversity and Inequality.

As I go into my senior year, I think about how much I have grown since freshmen year. One thing that has stuck with me is, “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” It can be easy to let fear control our life decisions, and going to a big city and navigating it alone can be scary, but I know this experience will help me professionally and personally and it is something I don’t want to miss out on.

Though I’m excited I also feel nervous and sadness to start somewhere new and leave home. Chicago is a big city and something I’m most excited for is navigating different neighborhoods and understanding different culture. I’m also curious about how I will figure out the train system and traveling alone. I can’t wait for all the twists and turns this semester will bring me! I hope to learn a lot about Chicago, new people, and how I grow throughout the semester.

Published by Yailyn Compres

Class of 2023 Communications Major focused on Media Production and Criticism The Chicago Semester

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