THE FAMILY I think every international student had a rough week of classes as we learned a completely new system of teaching that none of us have experienced at our home schools. I was not prepared for the schooling system to be so different. This post is not meant to be a negative view on […]

Street Art

One of my favorite parts of living in cities is the constant inundation of art. There are buskers in the street playing music at all hours of the day, free museums to explore, and street art and graffiti everywhere. Street art is so captivating to me because it is ever-changing. Artists can cover someone else’s […]

Chapter 2: Hikes, Hikes, and More Hikes!

These weekly mountain adventures have quickly become my favorite part of Colorado. Don’t get me wrong, I love channeling my inner main character by staring out of the window on the bus, driving through the heart of the city, while listening to some Taylor Swift, but something about the mountains makes me feel like my […]

Pinch-Me Moments

“It’s like a movie!”  I have been repeating this phrase so many times as I stand in awe at the beauty of England. From the bustling streets of the city to the quaint towns only a few miles away from London, I cannot get over how gorgeous the historic areas are compared to the modern […]

Walking Among Alebrijes

Instantly my vision flooded with colors, from captivating reds to vibrant purples, and my nose filled with the scent of freshly carved wood. Just another day in the classroom. The copal trees provided some much-needed shade from the baking sun as we meandered through the workshop observing the artists in action. After all, it’s not […]

Chapter 1: Becoming a Denver Local

Lately life has looked like saying yes to everything, taking advantage of every opportunity, and discovering new coffee orders. I am now spending too much money on iced lavender lattes with oat milk and have convinced myself that to be productive in any way I must have a coffee in order to do so. Being […]

Life on Mitla

Everyone’s familiar with the classic waking up to the crow of a rooster trope, but how many of you wake up to the sound of a mooing cow? I do! No, it’s not a real cow, but rather the song for the gas trucks here in Oaxaca that wake me up every morning with their […]

Münster Market

The Münster church stands in the center of Freiburg. It is one of the only medieval buildings that survived the destruction of the city during World War II. Building of the church started around 1200 and was not completed until the 16th century, resulting in an intriguing combination of Romanesque and Gothic building styles. 90% […]

Getting My Bearings

What a whirlwind my study abroad journey has been thus far. I am thankful I made it to Barcelona safely and in a timely manner. But, that was not the case for everyone. My flight to Barcelona left from JFK airport the day that Hurricane Ida was rolling through the East Coast. Luckily, my flight […]

Closing in!

Hi everyone, I am so excited to share my semester abroad with you all! I wanted to start by explaining my choice with Liverpool Hope University is followed by how COVID has shaped my abroad experience. I chose Liverpool Hope University because of the arts department. In the field of dance, it can be challenging […]