A future sociolinguists take on Brexit

*dictionary definition of sociolinguistics: the study of language in relation to social factors, including differences of regional, class, and occupational dialect, gender differences, and bilingualism. One of the classes I was very excited to take while abroad was Multilingualism. Multilingualism is simply an individuals ability to communicate effectively in 3 or more languages. I grew […]

Getting Adjusted/ Hot Takes

Every time someone asks me about how my semester abroad is going I say, “so far so good.” As I’m currently typing this, classes start tomorrow so thus far, my first week has simply been a lot of “getting adjusted”. Getting adjusted has meant buying my own toilet paper because for some reason my 8 […]

íshellan var mjög köld

After settling down, eating, and fully absorbing that we truly were spending the night in Iceland, there was a big decision to be made. Is it most sensible to stay put and rest up in preparation of the next day of travel? Is life telling us to seize the day and explore, even though we’re […]

Why Liverpool? (again)

Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Liverpool for 10 days with a group of Hope College delegates to participate in The Big Hope 2. This young leaders’ congress was an amazing experience. Young people all over the word came together to discuss freedom, conflict, equality and change, in a way I had […]

Big Hope 2: Stories That Move, and “All You Need is Love”

    As a newbie to the UK, I was filled with so much excitement when we were en route to land. When we arrived, I heard the accents of our lovely student greeters and immediately fell in love. There’s something about experiencing a new culture that makes me feel so alive. Being in an […]

Big Hope 2: Global Citizenship

The Big Hope 2 has been one of the best experiences of my life so far! I loved coming together with passionate and fun-loving people from all over the world to discuss global issues in the city of Liverpool. I felt so alive, motivated, and inspired during the whole week and my heart was fuller […]

Big Hope 2: Women in Leadership

The Women In Leadership discussion panel was impassioned, thought provoking, multi-layered, and empowering. I do not recall how many times I found myself saying “wow”, while nodding my head in agreement and clapping. The women on the panel were incredibly intelligent, experienced, relatable, and funny. I left the discussion feeling ready to take on the […]

Make Your OWN Change in This World

This trip was one that will live in my memory for a long time, if not forever. This trip gave me new friends, new experiences, but most importantly new insights on the world and myself. A trip like this isn’t offered every day, and I was very aware of that as I was going to […]

Big Hope 2: A Lovely Day in Liverpool

After an action-packed last day of the conference where we were able to showcase the projects and discussion that we were having in our learning tracks, spend some last meaningful moments with new friends, and have the most incredible dance party I have ever been a part of, we all got up and gathered to […]

Big Hope 2: A Whole New Perspective

As each student pulled themselves away from their beds and into the dining hall this morning they were greeted by an array of tired smiles. It has become clear from body language and conversations that most delegates are filled with the quiet contentment of a job well done. This has been a difficult week. A […]