Hope offers more than 300+ programs in over 60 countries for off-campus study.  Freiburg, Santiago, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Seville, Rabat, Paris, Valparaíso, Sydney…. the world is wide open.  Interested in learning more??  Contact the Fried Center for Global Engagement or stop by the MMC 109 to meet with the staff or peer advisors. They would love to help!

The Fried Center for Global Engagement aims to integrate the perspective of international students and scholars into the campus community, to provide off-campus study opportunities for all students, and to stimulate conversation of cross cultural and global issues, all of which contribute to the internationalization of Hope’s campus. This tradition of an international campus began with Hope’s first graduating class of 1879, which was one-third Japanese.

Are you ready to join in the tradition?


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Early Planning for Off-Campus Study

A successful and fulfilling study abroad experience requires early planning. With over 300 programs in over 60 countries, there are lots of programs to explore, and planning early is key to finding the right one for you! Department Cooperation- Regardless of your major, by working simultaneously with the Center for Global Engagement and your academic […]

Financial Aid: Making Off-Campus Study Possible

Thinking about off-campus study can be stressful, especially with regards to finance. I often hear students worry about whether they can afford to study off campus. Sometimes they discount the possibility entirely because they think it will be too expensive. I had similar worries when I was considering studying off campus! Friends from other universities […]

Housing Options for Off-Campus Study

When I studied abroad for a semester in France a year ago, I had the incredible opportunity to live with a host family. Even though I had no language experience, the homestay option was still my top choice because I desired a more immersive experience, as well as an inside view on French life and […]

Academics: Making Study Abroad Work for You!

The process of finding a program that meshes well with your academic needs can seem overwhelming. I often hear people say, “I’m interested in study abroad, but I have too many course requirements”, or, “I just don’t have space in my schedule.” I’m living proof that it can happen! I’m a Global Studies, Philosophy, and […]

What’s different in Germany?

Hallo Leute! So…it’s been a little over a month now since I arrived in Berlin and during my time here, I’ve noticed some differences between living in Germany, specifically Berlin and the United States. Grocery Shopping Smaller supermarkets – The supermarkets here are way smaller than in the U.S. (About 8-10 times smaller than the […]