Last First Day

Chicago 08/22/2022

My life in the big city of Chicago has official begun. I moved into a studio apartment with an amazing view. I mean come on, look at that.

After a long day of moving, I was off to the start of exploring the city. Orientation week was LONG but amazing. As I enter my senior year, I’m thinking about a lot of my firsts and lasts. I official had my last first day of school and it felt bittersweet. I’m excited, nervous and optimistic about what this semester will teach me. My week started off with figuring out the big L/CTA public transportation. I was very nervous about getting lost, but luckily we had plenty of time and tasks to help us get familiar with public transportation.

On day one, 14 of us new Chicago semester students traveled together to the Merchandise Market. The city felt so big and loud and yet I was still very excited for what the day was going to bring. I met so many new people and got to see my first ever Opera show.

On day two, I traveled to Pilsen, a predominately Hispanic/Latino community in Chicago. I saw lots of amazing art from graffiti to stunning murals. I also had amazing tacos from Taqueria Los Comales. And got more practice with the CTA.

Pilsen Mural

And the rest of my week was filled with orientation information, LOADS of ice breakers, and many new experiences. I went to the beach and got to see the city from a very beautiful perspective. I met new people from Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, California, Illinois, and many other places. Although unfamiliar faces, everyone was very welcoming and optimistic. I became more familiar with the train system, and taking the red and brown line has been a journey! I also visited the Helping Hands memorial with some friends!

As I end this week, I feel overwhelmed but in a good way. I have met amazing people and feel one step closer to my internship experience. This entire week I have traveled with groups of people but starting Monday I will be traveling the big L alone. SCARY but I’m ready to start my life in Chicago and figure out who I’m going to be. 🙂

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