Elianna Kuehn ’24 – LCC International University

Class of 2024
Major | Psychology
Minor | Kinesiology
Hometown | Otsego, Minnesota, USA

Off-Campus Study Program
LCC International University
Klaipėda, Lithuania

Hi! Our names are Elianna and Abigail Kuehn. Elianna is a psychology major with a minor in kinesiology on the pre-physical therapy track at Hope College, Michigan. Abigail is a computer science major with minors in Bible and cybersecurity at the University of Northwestern St. Paul, Minnesota. We will be studying at LCC International in Klaipėda, Lithuania, and are excited to immerse ourselves in a completely new culture. Elianna, having taken only Spanish in high school, is thrilled to be able to start learning one of the oldest languages in the world while Abigail is excited to try a new assortment of ethnic food and a lot of potatoes!

We are excited to spend this time together studying abroad while learning how to become global citizens. Throughout our time in Lithuania, we are expecting to be challenged in ways that cultivate personal growth and cultural competence while also providing lots of chances for fun and memory-making. Being native to Otsego, Minnesota, we are no strangers to cold winters, though we suspect that Lithuanian winters will have other adventures and difficulties than Minnesotan ones! Overall, we are thrilled to be able to study in Lithuania and to take you with us through this blog!