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It’s been a minute since my last post and that is for many reasons. Chicago has been very busy and hectic. I no longer feel like a tourist and I’m no longer scared of the CTA. These past few weeks I have really settle in my internship. I have great experiences with the INDIRAP team. I’ve gotten to learn a lot about Adobe After Effects and I have gotten some creative freedom on projects. I think as a film major it can be hard to get a feel of what my future will be. But my time at INDIRAP has really helped me believe my career is achieve, and I have learned my work environment is very important.

This weekend I really got into the fall spirit. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FALL <3. Fall is my favorite season I just love the colors, the weather, just everything. I went to a fall farm festival about an hour from Chicago with my boyfriend and it was PACKED out. I’ve never seen so many people in my life. I got see so many cool animals there were giraffes, llamas, alpacas, bunnies, porcupines and many more. There was also a crazy pig race which was a first for me. I also enjoyed some apples and took some home. When life gives you apples, EAT them 🙂

I randomly decided to dye my hair ginger and I really love it. I also went to the Highwood Pumpkin Festival. I rode a few rides that got me really dizzy. I got to see my high school friends who came home for fall break and I’m really glad I got to see them. We stole some pumpkins and has a bonfire. We got to drink some really good Palomas.

I’ve been blessed to see some amazing art in Chicago. I went to the MCA and saw many beautiful pieces but my favorite was the interactive pieces. There was a piece that was a projector room of the ocean in black and white. They played ocean sounds and I sat in the room for 15 minutes because it made me feel at home. I also heard the beautiful Chicago Symphony Orchestra. There was a very famous pianist who was 24 years old and he was amazing. I haven’t been to many orchestras but this one made think of so many childhood memories.

I also have gotten to spend a lot time with my boyfriend, Andy. We have been doing long distance since freshmen year and its so nice to spend time together. I have also tried so much good food. I have tried good pizza, Puerto Rican and Indian food. I have also seen too many beautiful murals creating by amazing artists. The murals are so realistic and detail. I hope you enjoyed my blog update. Until next time 🙂 – Yailyn

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