Artists Block

A message for my creatives.  Have you ever been through a creative desert? A place where inspiration and motivation seem to have dried up completely, but you still have the task of creating before you? Although constantly surrounded by art in NY, for some reason I felt more overwhelmed than inspired. Days and weeks roll […]

Food Glorious Food

Walking down the streets of New York City your nose is bound to pick up some of the delicious smells wafting out of the restaurants lining the streets. These smells are a lovely break from the often overpowering smell of the trash and sewers, but hey you win some you lose some. Having spent about two […]

Kiswahili Crunch Time!

Just prior to our Serengeti Safari, we were informed that the U.S. Department of State decided to upgrade the travel advisory in Tanzania from a level three to a level four. The reason why is still a mystery since Tanzania has not been reporting their COVID case load, from the beginning. Per SIT’s guidelines, this […]

Into the Crater!

Following our three nights in the Serengeti, we headed for the famous Ngorongoro Crater where we were to spend our last night and day on Safari. The crater pictured below is the remnants of an old volcano which collapsed inward on itself more than 2.5 million years ago, following a major eruption. It is worth […]

The Watering Hole with Farting Rocks

Following a week of intensive Swahili instruction, our quest for the big five brought us to none other than Serengeti National Park! You probably recognize the name Serengeti, and with good reason as it is one of the most famous national parks in the world. The Serengeti contains the largest intact mammal migration in the […]

Making Friends Abroad

My program is pretty small. There are 30 students, total, in the Spring 2021 class participating in the College Year in Athens program. You would think this makes it easier to makes friends, but with the reality of COVID-19, it is not that simple. My classes are all online and everyone in my program has […]

Quest For the Big Five

Following our stay in Mweka, we had a night of recuperation back in Arusha at Klub Afriko before heading to Randilen Wildlife Management Area (WMA). We would end up spending 3 nights there before skipping over to Tarangire National Park for two days, and one more night. During this five day period, nature was our […]

Brewing Coffee the Right Way

Following our week-long quarantine in Arusha, we headed off to the mountain town of Mweka at the foot of Kilimanjaro. I say that it is at the foot but in reality, Mweka is still situated 1374m in the air (comparable to Arusha). The goal of our trip was to spend a couple of days studying […]

Rockin’ Around Rockefeller Center

I recently went on my first solo adventure in New York and thought I would share. For my adventure, I decided to go exploring around Rockefeller Center. This was partially because I had been desperately trying to figure out if Saturday Night Live was doing live audiences (30 Rock is where their studio is), but […]

Prep Week in Arusha

I left for Tanzania, flying out of O’Hare International Airport, Friday, the 5th, and arrived late on Saturday, the 6th. Following almost two hours of waiting in customs, due to me having been asleep on the plane when they handed out the required paperwork, I was finally able to retrieve my luggage and rendezvous with […]