British Life

So much has happened every single day there is no better way to tell you than a daily breakdown. But first, an introduction! What is really cool about my program, that none of us quite knew, is we have our weeks broken down in a way of exploration. The first two, middle one, and last […]

Pinch-Me Moments

“It’s like a movie!”  I have been repeating this phrase so many times as I stand in awe at the beauty of England. From the bustling streets of the city to the quaint towns only a few miles away from London, I cannot get over how gorgeous the historic areas are compared to the modern […]

The Heart of Oaxaca

Did you know that Oaxaca is the state in Mexico with the highest indigenous population? In fact, there are 16 officially recognized groups. However, the reality is there are so many subgroups, the “true” number is unknown, but their presence is undeniable. This grand diversity of cultures and people groups explains the more than 70 […]

A Stroll Through Sitges

Welcome back to another adventure in Spain! My program here in Barcelona offers weekend day trips for students. Just this past weekend I attended my first day trip to a town south of Barcelona called Sitges. This day trip consisted of a beautiful walking tour of the quiet city, a delightful lunch, and some free […]

Walking Among Alebrijes

Instantly my vision flooded with colors, from captivating reds to vibrant purples, and my nose filled with the scent of freshly carved wood. Just another day in the classroom. The copal trees provided some much-needed shade from the baking sun as we meandered through the workshop observing the artists in action. After all, it’s not […]

Tapas, Tapas, and More Tapas!

What is a Tapa? Spain is know for their food and wine culture. An instrumental part of that culture is “tapas”. Tapas are a traditionally Spanish way of eating. This way of eating consists of small plates of food made to share. At any given tapas restaurant, it is typical to order three or four […]

Chapter 1: Becoming a Denver Local

Lately life has looked like saying yes to everything, taking advantage of every opportunity, and discovering new coffee orders. I am now spending too much money on iced lavender lattes with oat milk and have convinced myself that to be productive in any way I must have a coffee in order to do so. Being […]