Not So Tourist Of Me

Hello! From Chicago Everyone,

This week was full of big experiences, especially in the career department. I started my internship at INDIRAP, a video production company that pushes content marketing through short commercials and many other marketing plans. I’m working with the post-production team and I’ve learned so much this week.

On day one, I was nervous but excited to meet the team. My supervisor Chris show me around the office and I got to start my first project! Throughout the week I learned so much about Adobe After Effects, Light Room Timelapse, and color correction. As I move forward I’m pushing toward mastering my craft and becoming a better editor overall. This opportunity is one I dreamed of as a first generation freshmen.

This week I also got to enjoy the sun at the beach with some friends. This has probably been my favorite thing to do so far. The view is so beautiful, especially at night. I have met some really cool people here and I feel although we are a big group I feel connected to everyone in some way. I also got to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and I’m sad I couldn’t be home to sing her happy birthday. But I enjoyed the Facetime calls and seeing her reactions to my gifts <3

For class I got to share a poem I wrote called Apologize. I was very nervous to share it because I felt it was very vulnerable. It was inspired by my need to say “I’m sorry”. I feel that is a bad habit and I’m living in a city where people are unapologetic about who they are and where they go. But here is the poem:

I long for real silence

Close your mouth and open your eyes

The trees don’t apologize for changing colors

Mountains don’t apologize for the space they take

Stars don’t apologize for shining bright

The ocean doesn’t apologize for its depth

The silence after rain as the cloud pull apart to bring a beautiful sun

So don’t apologize

Don’t apologize for changing colors, taking space, shining bright, having depth

Close your mouth and open your eyes

Long for that silence.

As I think about all of my experiences so far, I’m excited to try new foods and have new experiences. I feel I still have so much to learn about the people I’m surrounded with and the career path I’m taking. I don’t feel like a tourist anymore as I have figured out the L and have experienced some crazy things! Anyways, peace out and I’ll see you next week, people.

Published by Yailyn Compres

Class of 2023 Communications Major focused on Media Production and Criticism The Chicago Semester

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