A Historical Time Capsule

Walking through the streets of Berlin, Germany, and Prague, Czech Republic, was a walk through history. Looking back to high school and college history courses some of the most talked about topics are WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. To an extent you, as well as I, could consider ourselves well acquainted with the events. […]

“You are officially German!”

“You are officially German!” A local told me after mentioning to him three of my newest experiences here in Freiburg. What qualifies me to be part of the Freiburg community you may wonder? The answer is: going to the Farmers Market, eating Rindswurst and taking my first hike in the Black Forest. Freiburg’s Farmers Market […]

Bags are packed, wheels are up, and Allegiant is on!

My study abroad journey has finally begun. After a whole two days of packing, including re-packing one suitcase around 10 times and a few drops of sweat along the way, I am all set to go. My dad helped me put both of the suitcases, one carryon and a personal item (which is really a […]