A Historical Time Capsule

Walking through the streets of Berlin, Germany, and Prague, Czech Republic, was a walk through history. Looking back to high school and college history courses some of the most talked about topics are WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. To an extent you, as well as I, could consider ourselves well acquainted with the events. However, nothing can prepare you for the moment when you realize you are standing where thousands of Nazi soldiers saluted Adolf Hitler. That is what happened when I stood in front of the Altes Museum.DSCN0299

Kundgebung zum 1. Mai 1936 am alten Museum im Lustgarten

Did you get Goosebumps? I did!

That is the same feeling I had at various places around Berlin, because buildings, parks, and monuments are historic time capsules that represent the past, present, future, evil and good.



Prague, with a history of its own was also amazing. While strolling through the city at night there was such a romantic feeling in the air. From Charles Bridge to the Prague Castle I was surrounded by history, beauty, love and excitement. One of my personal favorites was the Lennon wall, which is a wall that since the 1980’s has been painted and repainted with John Lennon inspired graffiti and songs from the Beatles.


Overall this traveling experience was greater than I could have imagined. I learnt, experienced, touched, smelled, and felt all of what history has to offer as well as what the future holds. But now I must embrace myself as my first full week of classes begins.

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