Porto, Portugal!

Porto is a city of color, history, intrinsic structures, diversity, nightlife, wine and amazing food. This trip has been the first time I have ever set foot on Portuguese soil.




First impression of Porto, it is a maze city! It requires you to have some sort of a map to get around (I recommend the application maps.me, it does not need Wi-Fi). However, once you begin to explore the city you see their economic history, wineries along the riverside, bridges, as well as the beautiful and colorful façade of the buildings.

DSCN1254 Keep walking further and you discover the amazing vantage points and an amazing little restaurant called Lareira (which I 100% recommend). This inspirational city is hard to describe with text, therefore I though I would do something different with this post and solely present you with different pictures and videos that caption different parts of my trip and describe each of the moments. Enjoy.

The beach of Porto. Where you can walk through a sandy shore, feel the breeze through your hair and investigate the rocks that are covered in sea life.
Porto’s local fisherman administering their tools from their daily morning fishing trips.



Porto’s main bakery attraction, a bundle of sweet heaven.



A representation of Porto’s typical homes.
A great view of the city!
Another great view of the city, for which I walked 20min to get to.
This is a summary of the buildings and structures of the city.


There are many abandoned buildings and houses in Porto, however they also make for great scenery.










As you can tell from just a few pictures, this trip was amazing. Definitely a a place to put on the bucket list. Now, for next weeks preview… I went to my version of Disney World, think EU. See you then.




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