Bags are packed, wheels are up, and Allegiant is on!

My study abroad journey has finally begun.

After a whole two days of packing, including re-packing one suitcase around 10 times and a few drops of sweat along the way, I am all set to go. My dad helped me put both of the suitcases, one carryon and a personal item (which is really a gigantic purse that is almost as big as my carryon) in the car and we made our way to the airport. On the way my sisters surprised me with a small brown cover photo album titled Little Blessings, including pictures of my family, home, and some photos from when we were younger. The gift was something I was not expecting, it was truly heart warming and a great memory capsule to take with me on this journey.

The process of registering my suitcases was surprisingly a breeze, they were both at the weight limit, but hey they passed. The next challenge was security check. It is almost comical how much you know that you are prepared and that everything was packed correctly, still there is that teeth cringing worry that you forgot that one thing that will result in you being stopped and your bags to be turned inside out. Do not worry… I passed with flying colours.

After going through security I made my way to my assigned gate, A40, and sat to re-organize what I quickly stuffed back into my carryon after passing security and then decided to go get something good to drink. Not going to lie, out of fear of going too far away from my gate I went to the closest place that I am familiar with, McDonalds. No shame, I ordered a Mocha Frappe, took it to my gate, and chilled while listening to some classical music and reading I am Malala (good book so far, I recommend it). That brings me to my current location, seat 28 G.

So far in the flight I have been given, lasagna, something to drink, coffee (for those who know me know its a must) and I started watching Allegiant. However, I still have many hours to go until I arrive to my first destination, Frankfurt, Germany, and then to make my way to the final destination Freiburg, Germany. I feel nothing but excitement to see where my new home will be, to meet other students in my program, travel some more, and to start taking classes. Soon enough I will be able to share with you about my experiences studying abroad, for now… Auf Wiedersehen.


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