Election Day

On September 26, Germany voted in a national election. The election takes place every four years, and this year is an especially unique election year. Angela Merkel has been Bundeskanzlerin (chancellor) since 2005 but is not among the candidates this year. I am currently living in the downtown area of Freiburg, which is a center […]

Münster Market

The Münster church stands in the center of Freiburg. It is one of the only medieval buildings that survived the destruction of the city during World War II. Building of the church started around 1200 and was not completed until the 16th century, resulting in an intriguing combination of Romanesque and Gothic building styles. 90% […]

Hiking in the Black Forest

I have been in Freiburg for just over a week now, and I am loving the area. From where I live, I can see the hills outlining the city, and there are lots of trees and parks inside the city. A historically significant hill called the Schlossberg is about a fifteen-minute walk from my apartment. […]

Hallo aus Freiburg!

Early Wednesday morning, 1st of September, I arrived by plane in Frankfurt, Germany. From there I took the train (Bahn) to Mannheim. My train had a delay, so I missed my connection and had to wait an hour in Mannheim for the next train. I finally made it on the next train, where I was […]

What’s different in Germany?

Hallo Leute! So…it’s been a little over a month now since I arrived in Berlin and during my time here, I’ve noticed some differences between living in Germany, specifically Berlin and the United States. Grocery Shopping Smaller supermarkets – The supermarkets here are way smaller than in the U.S. (About 8-10 times smaller than the […]

What?! I’m in Germany?!

Yes, I still can’t believe I’m actually in Germany. It has been a crazy 2 weeks! I’ve been learning how to take the German public transport, buy groceries at a German supermarket, and communicate in German with my host mum and teachers. I’m not going to lie, it feels quite overwhelming with everything hitting me […]

Pre-departure Emotions

Time passes so fast. In no time, I’ll be in the capital city of Germany, Berlin! There are so many emotions going through me all at once. I’m excited, but nervous and sad at the same time. It was the same exact feeling I had when I left home for the States. This time, it […]

“Study” and “Abroad”

When I first started looking into studying abroad, I repeatedly heard stories about the workload while abroad and how the “abroad” played a much bigger role than the “study.” Well, they fooled me. Now, my program is a unique one, because it focuses on the European Union and has three week-long trips throughout the semester […]

First Program Trip – Berlin and Warsaw

I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you did not get to bed before 10 pm on your 21st birthday, and I am probably right. I, however, had a slightly different experience. For one, the only thing you get in Germany for turning 21 is the ability to legally rent a car, so […]

Daily Life in Freiburg

Week two in Freiburg provided me with the opportunity to finally immerse myself in the daily life of this city. Though we did have two hours of German per day, our only other class was an “Integrative Seminar” course, which has mainly been giving us informative background on the EU and its current state. This […]