Settling In When Far Outside Your Comfort Zone

Don’t get me wrong, traveling or living away from home is a blessing. But one of the many reasons traveling is good for the soul is because it can be, well, uncomfortable. When my family left me to fend for myself in D.C., shortly after this photo was snapped, I wasn’t sure where to go. […]

¡Viviendo en la República Dominicana!

It’s official! I’ve been in la República Dominicana for an entire week, and I’m loving it! Although I don’t speak much Spanish, I have fully immersed myself into Dominican culture by living with a host family and doing everything I can to be in the community. From the rhythmic music and dancing to the rich […]

My Quest for a Sunday Service

One of the goals I had for studying abroad was to consistently attend a church on Sundays. I thought that if I went to a service each week, I’d be able to make some connections within the London community and see how other Christians around the world worship each week. Now, this didn’t exactly go […]

Soundtrack of Sirens: Paris’ Largest Industrial Walkout Since 1995

Let’s talk about a French stereotype: strikes. If you don’t know, the French have a reputation for constantly striking against the government–it’s a right protected by their constitution and it’s been going on majorly since 1789, a.k.a., the French Revolution. As with everything in France, there’s clearly a long and complicated history when it comes […]

Home At Last

  I thought that when I got home from studying abroad, everything was going to feel different. That my friends and family would look a bit older. That there would be many events I missed out on or didn’t know about. That I would accidentally slip some French into my English. I know I was […]

Here’s what you should ACTUALLY pack

For those of you who are studying abroad soon, I’m sure you’re trying to plan how you are going to pack everything you’ll need into a suitcase and a back pack. There are hundreds of lists online about what you should or should not bring, and believe me, I read a good chunk of them […]

The Disgruntled Tourist

The smartphone A gift to man-kind A computer, phone, and camera All in one! But for the love of God Put  It Down. PLEASE. ——- Nothing is worse Than watching fireworks through the screen Of the person blocking your view And you Yeah, you with the incessant NEED To document every second for your feed […]

To My Local Friends: Asante!

This semester I have gotten to know some pretty awesome locals here in Iringa who have made this town feel like home, and have contributed in huge ways to how great this semester has been. Here are some asante’s (thank you’s) to some of my favorite locals! Dear Agnes, the first Tanzanian I got to […]

9 Days Left in Paris

I have nine days left in Paris until I go home for Christmas. I know what you’re probably thinking. Isn’t this the girl that’s staying abroad for the whole year? What does she have to worry about? And you’re right. I feel extremely lucky to be able to go back to the winter wonderland of […]


Coming into the Granada study abroad program, my intention was to minimize my travels throughout Europe to be able to really experience life in Granada, and to hopefully form connections within its community. However, intrigued by the Spanish capital, a city I had only been to within the confines of its airport, I did make […]