The Season of Cherry Blossoms

I was excited to be able to witness the cherry blossom season in South Korea. The cherry blossom season is typically between the end of March and the beginning of April. This year it came earlier than expected and did not last long due to the strong winds blowing the cherry blossoms away. During the […]

Artists Block

A message for my creatives.  Have you ever been through a creative desert? A place where inspiration and motivation seem to have dried up completely, but you still have the task of creating before you? Although constantly surrounded by art in NY, for some reason I felt more overwhelmed than inspired. Days and weeks roll […]

Riverboat Tour

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to see the city from a different perspective. My friend Hannah and I signed up for a riverboat architectural tour of the city. If you are ever in Chicago and wondering what to do, I highly recommend this tour! We were able to sit back, relax, and learn […]

How I get around the City

Public transportation was one of the many things that intimidated me the first few weeks in New York. From the bustle in the subways and busses to the fast-paced walking New Yorkers flooding the streets, getting around can seem like a mission! Although it was intimidating at first, it was actually very simple and fast […]

Let’s Eat!

New Yorkers are known for a lot of things, but one thing that goes unnoticed is their love for eating out! In the Upper Eastside, it is hard to walk around without seeing New Yorkers enjoying a hot meal and socializing. One thing that I absolutely love about New York is its diverse selection of […]

Finding Community

Although coming to a large city has opened a door for a lot of independence, it has also shown me how easy it is to feel isolated. With COVID-19 regulations and being in an environment where people don’t know me very well, isolation often feels inevitable. Especially if you are an introvert like me, initiating […]

Visiting Archeological Sites!

Finally, after three months of waiting, the Municipality of Athens decided to reopen all of the outdoor museums and archeological sites. Having been here for months and not being able to go see the things that Athens is best known for was quite difficult. For this reason, I have gone a bit stir-crazy in visiting […]

Cultural Differences in Greece

Each country has a variety of differences in food, music, values, religion, and more. All of these, together, create a unique culture that is valuable and really fun to learn about. Athens has a unique history that is tied to an Ancient past that most people have learned about in school. While many things have […]

Snow…In Athens?

It is true that having grown up in Michigan I am used to seeing snow in February, but when I came to Athens, it is definitely not something I had expected. As seen below, the ancient ruins of the Acropolis were covered in white fluff. While I walked around, I wondered if Plato or Aristotle […]