A Change of Pace and My New Family

Karibu Kidete Village! Welcome to Kidete Village! The nerve-wracking, exciting, much-anticipated part of our CIEE program finally began last Sunday: moving to rural villages to live with homestay families for a month! Many of us have different assignments for this month; mine are conducting a needs assessment in my village, conducting interviews and focus group […]

Still a Student: Sightseeing on a Budget

As an off-campus study traveler, you’re charged with the daunting task of exploring as much as you can within just four months, while maintaining that student budget. Rent, utilities, food, and transportation can add up quickly. But there is hope! Using some college-student resourcefulness and a bit more planning, you can still experience your destination […]

Living with Mapuche Families

For our third week in Chile, we traveled on a bus for 10 hours to a town called Curarrehue to spend a few days living with indigenous Mapuche families. This week truly marked me. As we drove into the town, I was in awe by the vast green mountains, countless miles of animals roaming free, […]

The Best Way To See Paris

The best way to experience Paris is by walking through it. The quiet, quaint streets, lights and cafés filled with people offer up some of the city’s best cultural experiences and people watching, all by just wandering around. Last night, I walked for hours through the city with a new friend of mine that was […]

10 Things to Know if Embarking on the Philly Semester.

A Packing Must: Your enthusiasm, curiosity, and willingness to learn about the world. This is the number one thing that will determine what this semester looks like as you look to soak up every experience. I’ve been challenged and stretched in ways that are indescribable. Be the “Yes” girl or guy. See every challenge as […]

Can I Be Honest for a Minute?

“Why Africa? Why wouldn’t you just go to Europe where you won’t have to worry about typhoid and malaria and unsafe water, and can actually take a hot shower?”  I wanted something different from everyone else. I wanted to live with less; to martyr myself for the sake of learning and helping, and being one […]


While I barely planned my time abroad, one deliberate choice I did make was to select to stay in a homestay in Granada as opposed to a residence hall. All of the homestays take different forms, but the general premise is immersion in the home life of a Granadiña family. All in the hope of […]

Making Friends in a Second Language

Whether it’s freshman year of college or kindergarten, making new friends is a challenge everywhere you go. It’s a fluid process mixed with language, intuition, space and time, and there’s not just one way to go about it. Because I’m studying abroad in Paris for a year, I’m focused on getting to know the local […]

Pumzika Time!!

First things first, here’s a pro tip to anyone looking to study abroad: go in the fall because, while it’s tough to miss out on the changing leaves and apple-picking, getting a full spring break in both the fall AND spring makes up for it! Though I’m not sure every study abroad program offers this, […]

Weekend in Valparaiso

After a heavy week of learning about human rights abuses in Chile, we took a weekend trip to Valparaiso. Valparaiso is a city full of character, color, and art. There are not many housing regulations there, so houses are built on top of and all around one another! On our first day, we had class […]