A Stroll Through Sitges

Welcome back to another adventure in Spain! My program here in Barcelona offers weekend day trips for students. Just this past weekend I attended my first day trip to a town south of Barcelona called Sitges. This day trip consisted of a beautiful walking tour of the quiet city, a delightful lunch, and some free […]

Tapas, Tapas, and More Tapas!

What is a Tapa? Spain is know for their food and wine culture. An instrumental part of that culture is “tapas”. Tapas are a traditionally Spanish way of eating. This way of eating consists of small plates of food made to share. At any given tapas restaurant, it is typical to order three or four […]

Getting My Bearings

What a whirlwind my study abroad journey has been thus far. I am thankful I made it to Barcelona safely and in a timely manner. But, that was not the case for everyone. My flight to Barcelona left from JFK airport the day that Hurricane Ida was rolling through the East Coast. Luckily, my flight […]

Bienvenido a Granada!

In the week plus since I have arrived in Granada, I have done so many wonderful things, most of which were due to my amazing orientation program through IES.

Beginning my Barcelona Journey

¡Hola! Everyone, my name is Ari Cinque and I’m spending this semester in Barcelona, Spain. I am entering my junior year at Hope College studying Communication and Business. I have always had a passion for traveling and am so thankful for the opportunity to not only travel, but study in Spain for the semester. As […]

Chapter 4: The People

The people here in Sevilla will forever be the most memorable part of my time studying abroad. The culture here in Spain is so different than in the United States. It has taken some time getting used to, but these past weeks, I have finally begun to understand how Spaniards think, and how it effects […]

Chapter 3: Morocco

When you think of Morocco, what comes to mind? Everyone has their inclinations. If you’ve seen movies or know a little about the country, you may feel like you have an idea. The three short days that I spent there, I realized two things: that everything I thought before was very wrong, and that I […]

Chapter 2: Portugal

On Friday, February 7th, a group of about twenty CIEE students made their way onto a bus. This bus was heading to the infamous Lisbon, Portugal (or Lisboa as they say). We had the Airbnb, round trip tickets and passports ready. I came into the weekend without any expectations or notions as to what this […]

Chapter 1: Setting Roots

So far, my time in this wonderful city has been nothing short of amazing. In the two weeks that I have been here, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a lot for the first time. My favorite by far is la Plaza de España which is one of Spain’s largest and most beautiful attractions […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Sevilla

On the morning of January 15th, I woke up to sounds of a plane engine. Getting out of the hotel bed and walking over to the window, I could see the plane rising up over the O’Hare control tower and disappearing into the grey clouds hanging low in the sky. I was in Chicago with […]