Chapter 10: Gaudí

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Hello friends!

Today I went to Park Güell with Tia and we discovered that the park is so much larger than we imagined. When you search “Park Güell” on Google or Pinterest, you typically see the benches made with colorful tiles overlooking Barcelona. So, naively, I assumed that that was Park Güell – nothing else. But after trekking uphill for a mile or so, we realized that this park was multifaceted indeed. We first walked through a winding sandy path surrounded by lush greenery to get to an open walkway. The palm trees seemed to welcome us to the next component of the park – the BEAUTIFUL BENCHES AND VIEW. But, even after that, we discovered more of Gaudí’s work with the ivory staircase and precious dragon decorated with stained tiles. We wandered around the park in awe, grateful that we took the time to explore the gem.

We also went on a tour of the Sagrada Familia on an IES class trip. The intricate design of the church was stunning and the stained glass windows made the inside of the church glow. I was fascinated by how quiet the space was despite the number of people occupying the church. Everyone was respectfully quiet as groups silently admired the sacred space. After our tour of the church, we explored the museum that detailed the history and creation of the Sagrada Familia. Now I can see why people admire Gaudí so.

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