Chapter 12: Adiós Catalunya

¡Hola a todos!

The Last Week

It is officially my last week studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. The feeling probably won’t set in until I board the first plane on my way home but for now, we are studying for final exams.

Tia and I quickly realized that the IES Abroad courses typically require a final paper, a final presentation, and a final exam. After a few sleepless nights, we are almost finished with those tasks and therefore one step closer to home. The final week means that we need to do everything that we want to do before leaving Barcelona (visit certain museums, popular restaurants, landmarks). Fingers crossed that we make it in time!


I am writing to you dear readers at the BCN airport with a very spotty wifi connection. Tia and I walked around Barcelona near Placa Catalunya yesterday with feelings of sadness but also excitement. We would see our family soon but the beauty of Barcelona would soon be out of reach.

And now, we have come full circle – back to the navy blue plush seats of the Barcelona airport, waiting for our plane to arrive. Reflecting on my time abroad is crucial so I wrote a piece that summed up my experience for my Cross Cultural Psychology course.


Just for some context, I connected my study abroad journey to my three desired tattoos – the cross, a heart, and a rose with thorns. Here is part of the final excerpt from my reflection piece:

“Overall, my journey abroad was beautifully beneficial. I learned about new cultures through trips around Spain and increased my cultural competence. Being here taught me about the world in ways that only being abroad could. Everything that I thought I knew about myself was challenging in an overwhelming yet helpful way. I will never forget the impact of this adventure. I chose to connect this expedition to my desired tattoos because they resemble permanence. The Lord’s influence in my life is permanent. The complexity of love is permanent. The wonders and pains of life make a permanent impact. With these connections, my experiences abroad will be permanent fixtures in my mind.”

Thank you for joining me on my study abroad journey!

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Class of 2023 Psychology Major, Neuroscience Minor IES Barcelona, Spain

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