I officially have my first week of living in Granada, Spain under my belt! What a beautiful city with so many things to offer! In this blog post, I will share some of the NEW things I have experienced in Granada!

Lema nueva (New Motto)

Say “YES” to everything that is SAFE!

I have decided that this is my motto for my semester here in Granada. A semester feels like a pretty long time, but when we received a singular sheet of printer paper that had our entire semester mapped out, I began to realize how quickly time is going to fly. So, my motto for this semester is to say yes to every opportunity or experience that is safe (you’re welcome for adding that last part, Dad).

Amigos nuevos (New Friends)

  • A selfie of two girls.
  • Four girls standing in front of an outlook to the Alhambra.
  • A table with four plates of food and three girls smiling.
  • A selfie of two girls outside.
  • Three girls standing together holding cookies.
  • Three girls sitting on a rock with a large bridge behind them.
  • A selfie of two girls.;
  • A BeReal with a professor on one side and a class full of students on the other side.

Comidas/Bebidas nuevas (New Foods/Drinks)

The drinking culture in Europe is super interesting! It is much more casual here and it is frowned upon to drink alcohol without also eating food at the same time. Because drinking is such a large part of the culture here, there are many drinks available that offer various amounts of alcohol so that everyone can partake!

  • A photo of a bowl of soup on a table.
  • A picture of a plate with two fried croquetas of chicken and sliced tomato.
  • A picture of a table with cheese, ham, bread, and wine glasses on it.
  • A picture of chocolate ice cream with a wafer.
  • A picture of a wine glass full of liquid and an empty bottle next to it.
  • A picture of a mug of hot chocolate and a plate of churros on a table.
  • A picture of a plate with rice, a fried egg, and a plantain.
  • A picture of a bottle of kombucha.
  • A picture of an açaí bowl.
  • A picture of a bowl of pasta salad with bowtie noodles.
  • A picture of two pastries.
  • A picture of a cup of coffee with whipped cream and a candy straw.

Vistas Nuevas (New Views)

It is so crazy to take in and process all of the views here! Do not fear, Hope College people, nothing could ever beat the Campus Ministries front porch, the barstools at Lemonjello’s with friends, the egg chair in my cottage (shoutout Pieter’s Cott girls!), or the top floor of Western Sem Library, but these views are pretty incredible!

  • A picture of a patio full of plants
  • A picture of a beautiful view with the Alhambra.
  • A picture of a giant cathedral.
  • A picture of a sunny room with many windows.
  • A picture of an orange tree.
  • A picture of a girl standing in front of a large bridge.
  • A picture of many white houses climbing up a mountain.
  • A picture of mountains and a sunset.
  • A picture of the street with hearts hanging in the air.
  • A picture of a coffee shop!

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