Early Planning for Off-Campus Study

A successful and fulfilling study abroad experience requires early planning. With over 300 programs in over 60 countries, there are lots of programs to explore, and planning early is key to finding the right one for you! Department Cooperation- Regardless of your major, by working simultaneously with the Center for Global Engagement and your academic […]

Financial Aid: Making Off-Campus Study Possible

Thinking about off-campus study can be stressful, especially with regards to finance. I often hear students worry about whether they can afford to study off campus. Sometimes they discount the possibility entirely because they think it will be too expensive. I had similar worries when I was considering studying off campus! Friends from other universities […]

Housing Options for Off-Campus Study

When I studied abroad for a semester in France a year ago, I had the incredible opportunity to live with a host family. Even though I had no language experience, the homestay option was still my top choice because I desired a more immersive experience, as well as an inside view on French life and […]

Academics: Making Study Abroad Work for You!

The process of finding a program that meshes well with your academic needs can seem overwhelming. I often hear people say, “I’m interested in study abroad, but I have too many course requirements”, or, “I just don’t have space in my schedule.” I’m living proof that it can happen! I’m a Global Studies, Philosophy, and […]

On The Way to His True North – News from Hope Magazine

In case you missed this article on the recent News from Hope magazine, you don’t want to miss the story behind how Hope alumnus Danny Kosiba began his whale research journey during his semester in New Zealand, and where this has led thereafter!

Big Hope 2: Stories That Move, and “All You Need is Love”

    As a newbie to the UK, I was filled with so much excitement when we were en route to land. When we arrived, I heard the accents of our lovely student greeters and immediately fell in love. There’s something about experiencing a new culture that makes me feel so alive. Being in an […]

Big Hope 2: Global Citizenship

The Big Hope 2 has been one of the best experiences of my life so far! I loved coming together with passionate and fun-loving people from all over the world to discuss global issues in the city of Liverpool. I felt so alive, motivated, and inspired during the whole week and my heart was fuller […]

Big Hope 2: Women in Leadership

The Women In Leadership discussion panel was impassioned, thought provoking, multi-layered, and empowering. I do not recall how many times I found myself saying “wow”, while nodding my head in agreement and clapping. The women on the panel were incredibly intelligent, experienced, relatable, and funny. I left the discussion feeling ready to take on the […]

Big Hope 2: A Whole New Perspective

As each student pulled themselves away from their beds and into the dining hall this morning they were greeted by an array of tired smiles. It has become clear from body language and conversations that most delegates are filled with the quiet contentment of a job well done. This has been a difficult week. A […]

Big Hope 2: Little Things Matter

When I was told to write a blog post about the Big Hope 2 Conference I decided to wait longer. Why? Because I thought maybe there is going to be something very huge that is going to change my experience and that I will never forget — something similar to meeting the President of your […]