Financial Aid: Making Off-Campus Study Possible

The Center for Global Engagement produced this video discussing how Hope College manages financial aid and off-campus study. Off-campus study can be accessible for everyone!

Thinking about off-campus study can be stressful, especially with regards to finance. I often hear students worry about whether they can afford to study off campus. Sometimes they discount the possibility entirely because they think it will be too expensive.

I had similar worries when I was considering studying off campus! Friends from other universities told me horror stories about how much more expensive it was for them to study abroad than to be on campus. I wondered whether my plan of studying abroad for two semesters would work out, especially since I’m on a scholarship.

Thankfully, Hope College has a policy of allowing students to transfer financial aid for up to two semesters! I spoke with the Off-Campus Study and the Financial Aid offices, and found out that my scholarship would be applied normally while I was abroad, and I would receive financial aid like every other semester. With that knowledge, I was able to enjoy two semesters abroad just as I had planned! Additionally, many students apply for and receive scholarships through their program provider or other sources.

Everyone’s financial aid situation is different, so make sure you talk to the Financial Aid office before you begin your journey. If you have questions about scholarship options or off-campus study in general, we would love to talk to you! Stop in at the Off Campus Study Office in MMC 109 or email to ask questions or start the off-campus study process!

– Kim Breyfogle, Off-Campus Study Peer Advisor

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