Student Life

Student life is very different here than I have experienced in the States. This also has to do with my newly legal age of 21. Most nights I will pop over to the Trinity room, a common room on our campus, to socialize with my friend group. We play pool and table tennis.

Our Flat is the meeting place for the group, so most evenings and nights we sit in the kitchen talking and drinking tea or playing cards and charades. Last week we had a huge pasta night where we had ten people over for a three-hour dinner! Our kitchen seats six, but we’ve made it work more than once!

We also frequent pubs with live music. The pubs are often Irish. We will bring a deck of cards and play games. One of our friends sings, and we will go to that pub and support her on those days. Live music is not hard to find in Liverpool. The strangest thing for me is the fact that we go out on Sunday nights. I am used to having Sunday night being a quiet night before the week starts, but I also love my Sunday night here. Each are great in their own respects.

We also have lots of on-campus activities to attend. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have movies and TV shows (Bake Off) on in the Trinity room. There are also many societies on campus, which plan activities to attend at night. I have joined the dance, drama, and wine and cheese societies. It is a nice way to meet new people!

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