Tackling My Bucket List

Mahpiohanzia – (n.) the disappointment of being unable to fly, unable to stretch out your arms and vault into the air, having finally shrugged off the ballast of your own weight and ignited the fuel tank of unfulfilled desires you’ve been storing up since before you were born. This may be a fabricated word; however, I […]

Matějská Pout’ – St. Matthew’s Fair

NOTICE: Due to a high volume of both homework and travel, the events described in this blog post (and most that will follow) occurred multiple weeks ago.  Please enjoy regardless 🙂 Nothing boosts my motivation to conquer a hefty to-do list more than the necessity of completing it in order to enjoy a planned activity. […]

An Extra Early Alarm

That first sliver of sun emerging from behind the buildings reminds me of the way it feels when you’re holding a newborn baby in your arms.  You wonder how such a tiny human can even exist when suddenly an illuminating smile spreads across their precious little face.  It’s that awe-inspiring sense of hope that I am […]

Darkness and Light

Opposites emphasize one another. Contrast refines prominence, allowing positive and negative moments to be felt more intensely.  It’s misery that provides joy with a purpose.  Darkness cannot be defined without talking about light.  Death brings meaning to life itself.  My weekend in Poland serves as a reminder that these worn out clichés do contain a great […]

Traveling by Train

Trains have surpassed cars on my mental list “Favorite Modes of Transportation”.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss driving already and nothing beats scream-singing “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind with maximum volume.  But traveling by train opens the door to copious new possibilities.  The convenient public transportation in Prague quickly became something I appreciate […]

Aimlessly Wandering

Passing a previously unnoticed quirky little shop or marveling at a building usually overlooked along a daily route are common occurrences here.  Regardless of location, everyone typically recalls the perplexity of discovering something cool only blocks away from home after having settled in weeks, months, or even years ago.  Yesterday alone, it happened to me […]

Czech This Out

Nervousness seemed unable to find me as I finally reached Prague, Czech Republic, on the peaceful morning of January 30th.  This tranquility is likely connected to a few aspects of my arrival.  Minutes before the plane touched down, the sun ascended from the horizon and danced across the city.  The yellow-orange rays continued to provide me […]