Another Weekend Trip in the Books

After spending time in the northern part of Spain during the Camino de Santiago at the beginning of October, and a full week of midterms at the end, it was time to visit the southern part of the country. Last weekend, myself, a friend and her parents, who were here visiting, took a trip down to […]

Happy to be Home- Here in Spain

¡Hola amigos! I cannot believe that my time here is more than half way through! Time is flying by! I’ve now spent three full weekends stationary in Alicante! And for those days I am incredibly thankful. The first I spent recuperating from El Camino de Santiago, the second, a bit more rest for my aching […]

White Sunday

October 12th was one of Samoa’s biggest holidays–White Sunday. White Sunday originated with the arrival of the London Missionary Society in 1830. It always falls on the second Sunday of October, and it is a church service in honor of the children (in Samoan it is known as “Lotu Tamaiti,” or “The Children’s Service”). My […]

Berlin & Prague

IES EU sets apart 21 days during our time abroad to travel as a program to different cities around the EU with the purpose of comprehending the current status and the inner workings of this intricate nation-state partnership. They break the time down into 3 separate segments and in September I had the chance to […]

Festival de Mil Tambores

A week ago, I was a part of something awesome! There was a festival called Mil Tambores, or a Thousand Drums. It was a weekend long event, and it was so much fun! It’s been going on for fifteen years, and it’s just a celebration of happiness here in Valparaiso, Chile! Friday there were poetry […]

El Camino de Santiago

What a fun filled week with great friends, lots of laughs, many blisters, and even more memories! This past week my program had a Fall Break allowing for extended travels and also an opportunity to walk the last five days of the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James), from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. […]

Cheers to new adventures!

There is something so comforting about living in a foreign country where you don’t speak the same language. Don’t get me wrong, it can get extremely frustrating wanting so desperately to engage in conversations with those that you meet that both ends end up talking so much louder than normal in hopes of the other […]

Fiestas Patrias

September 18 and 19, Chile celebrates its Independence. Although most activities really take place on the 18th and 19th, school shut down two days before that, so I did not have class that entire week! It was quite a fun cultural experience. First off, everybody has asados, or “grill-outs,” kind of like Fourth of July […]

A Quick Visit to the Capital City

Hola a todos! This past week has been such a blast! Like always my Monday and Wednesday class-filled days have been quite long, but I never seem to dread them. I suppose the pure fact that I am able to be in Spain while attending school helps with that aspect. On Thursday, after their week […]