Hoş geldiniz!

Finally, my first blog post from Istanbul! I am sorry I have not been updating at all but the past three weeks have been super busy and I was having trouble uploading pictures to the system! Anyway, I’m here!!!! And it’s been 3 weeks and I can’t believe it! The trip here was one of […]

Veritas Open House Day!!

On Thursday, September 19, Veritas celebrated its second annual Open House Day. This day was the official “Welcome Back” party and fundraiser for the students involved in the Kindergarten and the after-school Kid’s Club and Teen’s Club programs. There were lots of games for the children to play, and there were even fun activities for […]

New Day New Experience

Howzit! Wow, I cannot believe how long I have been in Cape Town already! The time is just flying by! I apologize to those who have been waiting on the blog- it took awhile to get everything set up, there were some issues with uploading the photos and school has been rather hectic lately! I […]

Adventures on the Roof of the World

I got back from Tibet about a week ago, but its been whirlwind of finishing my program, packing, saying goodbyes, and doing last-moment-in-China activities.  A post on this past week to follow!  But, TIBET. This trip was the bulk of my final area’s studies class about Tibet.  There were 13 of us total, ten students, […]

Nothing says Family Bonding like… PEANUT BUTTER! :)

hey everyone! It’s been awhile I know, but these last few weeks have been CRAZY! To recap what I’ve been up to… I went North, where I lived with an Aymara family for five days and worked in the fields (stay tuned for a separate post on that experience!) and after returning to Viña de […]

Outsiders View (with Insider’s Info)

My parents visited me here in Spain for the Holy Week celebrations here, and there are a few things that surprised/entertained/ shocked them, so I thought all y’all might be interested to hear them: Wee- fee: This is how Spainards say wifi. In the eloquent words of my mother, “It sounds like pee pee!” Table […]