It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later

It has been four days since I returned home from the Mother City.  It has been a pleasure to reflect on my time abroad while embracing the reverse culture shock of home. Thank You Cape Town: for your beauty for your diverse cultures for your exotic flavors for your mountains overlooking the ocean for your […]

Destination: Desert

Unlike finals week at Hope, finals at the University of Cape Town span over a three-week time frame.  I somehow ended up with a 10 day gap in between exams and decided to make the most of it 🙂 We traveled North to the recently declared country of Namibia; a past colony of Germany and […]

A Night in Gugulethu

My first sight in Cape Town after landing was the sprawling townships stretching for miles on the outskirts of the city-center.  These areas were recognizable for distinct living conditions founded in poverty and injustice.  Just over twenty years ago living areas were divided by race and individuals were forcefully removed from their pre-existing homes due […]

Leaving the Island

Cape Town is often considered the ‘gateway to Africa’.  Even with diverse backgrounds and beliefs, a common ideology when viewing the rest of the nation and the surrounding countries is present.   While Cape Townians pride themselves on uncovering truths and opening up deep conversations, the lack of the ‘rural-minded’ individual has instituted a specific story about […]

Looking to the Future (the Outsider Perspective)

On one of the many historical tours I have joined in South Africa, I had a gentleman say that “because we [the touring group] were from the United States” he could “reveal insight that he doesn’t bring up with white South Africans” since we were “outsiders and wouldn’t be offended to the truth”.  This comment truly […]

The Smoke That Thunders

After the IES trip was sadly over, I had the amazing opportunity to continue my adventures into Northern Zimbabwe to the global phenomenon of Mosi-oa-Tunya (meaning ‘the smoke that thunders’ in the Shona language or more commonly Victoria Falls!) Victoria Falls is known for being one of the natural wonders of the world and the largest […]

Adventure and Reflection

The next segment of the IES Spring break tour led our group to a ‘lazy’ rafting trip in the outskirts of Nelspruit; a mountainous and lush landscape about an hour from Kruger National Park.  We wet-suited up, due to the cold, but were confused when we additionally had to wear helmets.  Turns out, the river […]

The Kruger National Park (Spring Break Adventure Part 1)

My second IES sponsored field trip was an adventure to the east side of South Africa, starting at the world renown Kruger National Park!  What a great way to start off spring break 🙂  We set off for Mpumalanga on a short airplane ride and were greeted by our safari vehicle and guide.  It was […]

The Beauty of Sports

Molweni!  Sorry for taking so long to post another blog.  I am happy to declare that I have been having a great time here in Cape Town and have found myself immersed in fascinating discussions and outrageous adventures.  Through the limited Wifi and taxing essay assignments, I have sadly been lax on sharing my experiences […]