Ambiguous Clockwork

We’re good at forgetting, but we’re better at remembering. I’ve heard people say time changes us, but I can’t say I agree. I don’t really think it’s time that changes us – I think it’s us who change the time. We sometimes say we want things to never change. It comes mostly during the nights […]

It’s OK to be Social

Alrighty folks, I’m back again with another post. Great right? So here is my “thesis” of this blog. Although college has a large focus on academics, it is OK to be social. I felt as if I was writing a formal paper there for a sec. Anyways, yes. As a nursing major, I am completely […]

Obama or Romney?

My heart is conflicted. Well… not really… but it seems like it an awful lot of the time lately. Since I left Hope in May, my life has revolved around politics. All summer, I worked at a free/low-income health clinic in Traverse City. With the health reform bill coming quickly, a lot of changes were […]