Academics and coursework at Hope College can be overwhelming at times. So much to do and so little time. There can be many doubts: am I going to have enough time? Are my professors going to be helpful? Is there help that I can get? Let me reassure you; you will be okay. Hope College offers so many resources to be the most successful you can be in your academics here. From tutoring to office hours there are so many opportunities and sources of support for you.

Overall Coursework Management

In general, there is a need to stay somewhat organized. Hope has all different kinds of events and meetings that are open to students. This being the case there are plenty that professors require students to attend for a course. Because of this requirement, you need to make sure you know your homework and expectations. This will help you ensure you can attend anything your professors throw at you.

I, being an English major and Art minor, have had to attend a variety of meetings, presentations, readings, and events. If I had avoided organizing my time and arranging the proper amounts of minutes to complete different assignments I would have sat through these required events with extreme anxiety. I would have feared the lack of time to fully complete my assignments. My freshman year I took for granted the fact that everything was online. I would attend required Zoom meetings and do homework in the background. So, when Sophomore year rolled around, and some events were now being done in person, I struggled.

I had stopped managing my time and assignments, which left me sitting nervously in talks and events because all I could think of was everything I needed to be done. When I finally got around to managing my time and keeping proper track of my assignments it was laughable the amount of relief I had. I stopped losing track of due dates and started getting homework done early! It can be overwhelming, but managing your coursework can be pretty stress-relieving.

Getting Help

Help is always available at Hope. Your advisor is always available to go over your schedule with you and discuss course difficulties. CAPS is available to have someone to talk to and find support in. There are several tutoring options, from the Writing Center to the Academics Success Center. Both are available most of the week and their hours are listed online.

These are people and sources set up for your success. They can cover a variety of majors and topics so you don’t feel like there is no one to help you who would understand. The Writing Center, for example, is run by student tutors who are trained in various forms of writing and various forms of courses. The students have been where you are, have written or heard of the assignments you are stuck on. They really can relate.

I have found comfort in the tutoring options at Hope. I haven’t entirely used them to their full capacity, but getting to know what they are all about has led to some relaxation. There is always someone available to help me. I am not stuck on my own.

Don’t be Silent

If you are struggling in your academics or don’t know where to begin, don’t keep that to yourself. There are people who understand or who are willing to listen and help you. Hope College has set up their academics to accommodate students no matter what they need or who they are.

Here at Hope you aren’t alone. Don’t struggle by yourself. Find someone to rely on.

Published by Emily Leegwater

Class of 2024 Hometown: Zeeland, MI Major: English; Creative Writing emphasis Minor: Studio Art

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