Often balancing school and a social life is enough. There is already a packed schedule of homework and friends that is swarming over your head. So how do you manage this with a job? Do you need a job?

Busy Schedule

When life is buzzing around you it can be hard to find time. Any time at all, that is. So, when someone brings up the idea of working a job in your current state you can’t help but laugh. Incoming money isn’t bad, it can be relatively reassuring, but if it creates stress then what’s the worth?

You’ll have to analyze your abilities and availability before committing to anything. You could find you have more time than you realized, or you could find you have no time. Either is fine, but it will affect whether or not you could comfortably get an on-campus job.

When I got into my sophomore year of college I found that I had more time and more leniency in my schedule. So, I began looking for a job, something to occupy that free time while keeping me social. I found the applications for the Klooster Writing Center and jumped on that. Because I wanted to make the most of my college experience, I wanted to find a job in a field I knew I would enjoy. As a Creative Writing Major, I knew editing was something I enjoyed and was good at.

Benefits of Working On-Campus

Right away, I found community at my work. I found other students who could relate to struggles I was going through, or who would celebrate with me all the good happening. My job helped me to find more people to connect with, especially since COVID was still on the rise at the time.

My boss became someone I could confide in and find help with. I would make meetings to go over my own papers, or just to talk about something that was causing me stress. They are now a mentor for me, a reference for applications and an adult I can trust.

There is so much community at Hope just waiting for you to join in. You never know who you might meet or what you might get the opportunity to do if you don’t try. Yet, this is not a push towards the idea that “you have to get a job.” You can find community wherever you are. But, branching yourself out and trying things won’t hurt. If you find you have extra time, apply to a job with a friend, or just apply on your own and be open to meeting new people.

Overall, jobs at Hope are available and open to all students. I do believe that applying for jobs and working on campus is a beneficial way to make money while expanding your college community. There are so many interesting people at Hope that you will get the chance to meet and work with. Who knows, maybe you will find that the job you have on campus is an area you want to pursue when you graduate.

Published by Emily Leegwater

Class of 2024 Hometown: Zeeland, MI Major: English; Creative Writing emphasis Minor: Studio Art

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