Summer Research: Trips, Lab Family, and Fun!

I have neglected to tell you about my fabulous summer right here in Holland, Michigan. As a third year researcher at Hope, this summer was my ultimate time to grow in the lab. I was blessed to receive the Wolterink Prize in Biology in the Spring of 2013 for an upperclassman student that shows promise […]

Fall Break

I’m so glad to be on Fall Break. School has been so hectic, and being away from school is just what I needed. When I came home last Friday for break, I went to my mom’s new café she opened up (her actual opening day was on Saturday). I was so shocked to see how […]

Bring on the Future….

One thing I absolutely LOVE about Hope College: Professors CARE. Going to smaller school really allows you to get to know your professors and your fellow classmates a lot better. There are always new people to meet, but I can always return to my same group of people. Also, because we are liberal arts, you […]

We’re in Wisconsin

Last weekend, my roommate REALLY wanted to go home. It was her small town’s harvest festival in the middle of Wisconsin. She was nice enough to invite student blogger, Marv, and I along. As lovers of all things fried and cheesy, we had to accept the invitation. As we move into the second month of […]

Learning about being a Sushi.

This year I have a fabulous opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant for one of my good friends, Professor Linda Strouf. Her First-Year Seminar class is entitled: “Who am I? and Who are the others?”. The focus of the course is for first-year students to think about finding the “other” within themselves and to wrestle […]

Junior Year Has Come!

Welcome back to Hope! So glad you are with me again, for the third year in a row. We are certainly in the grind here on campus, getting into our new classes, labs, research, and projects. Everyone is finally settling into their schedules and learning how their time-management is best organized. It is now my […]

My life in slow motion.

SO!…. I’ve been so busy the past month, I can’t believe that I’ve been back in Holland a MONTH already. That seems ridiculous.  Here are the some of the highlights of my past month: My Mom and Sister came to visit me in Holland! I can use my meal plan now at the Kletz because […]

Laughing at the Loft

College is a huge moshpit of choices. Your mom isn’t here anymore to tell you when to eat and your school isn’t telling you what to wear. Sometimes, these choices make for great life experiences, though they usually come with costs. If I watch Grey’s Anatomy all night (which sometimes seems to happen), I’ve lost […]

Class of 2015 Pulls ahead….for the second time!

This weekend was the 115th annual Pull. One of Hope’s most unique traditions (in my opinion), the Pull, is often viewed as a giant game of tug-of-war between the freshman and sophomore classes at Hope. But really, it’s so much more than that. The Pull brings a sense of “mini-nationalism” about the campus between odd […]

Obama or Romney?

My heart is conflicted. Well… not really… but it seems like it an awful lot of the time lately. Since I left Hope in May, my life has revolved around politics. All summer, I worked at a free/low-income health clinic in Traverse City. With the health reform bill coming quickly, a lot of changes were […]