Obama or Romney?

My heart is conflicted. Well… not really… but it seems like it an awful lot of the time lately. Since I left Hope in May, my life has revolved around politics. All summer, I worked at a free/low-income health clinic in Traverse City. With the health reform bill coming quickly, a lot of changes were […]

Casa and my cutie!

The week before Winter Break has arrived, and everyone is anxious to finish up work, take tests, and BOOK IT OUT OF HOLLAND. Only because we all really just need a break. 5 weeks of spring semester is like 10 weeks of fall semester. It’s lengthy. To stay sane with repetitous homework, I’ve found myself […]

Hello Hope College Student.

I broke out of the Hope Bubble last night and attended a prayer service at a nearby church. I had the time of my life. Hope is fairly centrally located in Holland and is surrounded by hundreds of churches of all denominations. This comes in handy for me particularly now that I am taking a […]