Class of 2024
Hometown: Zeeland, MI
Major: English; Creative Writing emphasis
Minor: Studio Art

Latest: My Top 5 For Hope
Class of 2023
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major: Political Science

Latest: Kindness, An Innate Trait of Hope College
Class of 2024
Hometown: Las Piñas, Philippines
Major(s): Biological Sciences
Minor(s): Peace and Justice Studies

Latest: From Cleaning to Presenting: My Hope College Research Experience
Class of 2023
Major(s): Business and Political Science

Latest: Hope College: Top 5 Reasons
Class of 2023
Hometown: Petoskey, MI
Major(s): Business, Communication

Latest: Dear Parent of an Incoming Freshman
Class of 2026
Hometown: Gladstone, Michigan
Major(s): Computer Science and Chinese Studies

Latest: Working as a Student
Class of 2023
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Major(s): Political Science and Philosophy

Latest: From Lagos, Nigeria, to Holland, Michigan

Recent Posts

My Top 5 For Hope

Why did I chose Hope College? What lead me to making this final decision that would control where the next four years of my life would go? I have personally done some self-reflection and came up with 5 reasons as to why I chose Hope. Size As someone who loves meeting new people as well …

Working as a Student

Once the stress of moving into college ends, the next thing on the minds of many students is “how on earth do I get a job?” Luckily, Hope makes it easy to apply for on-campus employment, and I’m here to break the process down. My Job I work for Hope’s Public Affairs and Marketing department. …

Kindness, An Innate Trait of Hope College

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked “Why Hope?”, I think I would have at least 100 dollars. But for as many times as I’ve been asked, I never get tired of telling my story. It all started back in 6th grade, when I went to a summer camp in Wisconsin. …

From Lagos, Nigeria, to Holland, Michigan

One of my biggest concerns when moving to the United States for college had to do with living in Holland, Michigan. As an individual from the largest city in Africa with over 20 million people, I was a bit worried about the change of pace and context that I would encounter during college. This difference, …

Mentors at Hope College

A big part of my excitement about attending Hope College was related to the internship and mentoring opportunities. As a student of Political Science and Philosophy who is planning to work in Development and Business in my home country, Nigeria, it was important to me that I felt supported throughout my four years. Fortunately, Hope …