Class of 2026
Hometown: Portage, MI
Majors: Communications & Spanish
Minor: Social Witness Ministry & Global Health

Latest: Perks of Living Near Downtown Holland
Class of 2024
Hometown: Zeeland, MI
Major: English; Creative Writing emphasis
Minor: Studio Art

Latest: Hopeful Faith
Class of 2024
Hometown | Las PiƱas, Philippines
Major | Biological Sciences
Minor | Peace and Justice Studies

Latest: How Ghana Changed my Life
Class of 2026
Hometown: Gladstone, MI
Majors: Computer Science and Philosophy

Latest: Transformed by Hope
Class of 2025
Hometown: Livonia, MI
Majors: Biology and Business
Minor: Classical Studies

Latest: Why Hope College?

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Perks of Living Near Downtown Holland

I didn’t choose Hope exclusively because of its downtown atmosphere, but having a campus so closely integrated into the beautiful Holland community has been a huge perk of my college experience. This summer, I’m continuing to live and work on campus. Watching one of my favorite cities bloom and buzz in the summer heat has …

Summer Visits to Hope

I first toured Hope in August 2021. It wasn’t my first college visit, but it stood out as the first visit where I really felt like a person, not just a statistic or part of the tour guide’s daily checklist. Before my tour, I had barely heard of Hope, but I had a friend go …

Why Hope College?

With the end of the school year and as a rising senior, I find myself reflecting on my time at Hope College so far. With close friends graduating, I find myself pondering how soon that will be me. As I transition into preparing for the next semester, I wonder what makes Hope the place that …

Liberal Arts at Hope

I didn’t choose Hope because it’s a liberal arts school– in fact, I didn’t really know what liberal arts meant at first. Now, as a sophomore (almost junior!) it’s so easy to see the benefits of such an education in my life. The liberal arts curriculum at Hope requires a number of general education courses …

Hopeful Faith

College is a busy time. You are constantly running to class, work, events, extracurriculars, etc. So when is there time for your faith? You can find the time, it just takes a little intentionality. I grew up in a very Christian household and when I came to college I wanted to deepen my own personal …