Student Bloggers

Alley LoPrete
Class of 2019
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major(s): Sociology & Religion, Peace Studies Minor

Latest: May Term Mems
Ariana Bratt
Class of 2019
Hometown: Bothell, WA
Major(s): Sociology & Psychology, Leadership Minor

Latest: #ThrowWhatYouKnow (Everything You Want to Know About Greek Life and More)
Chandler Alberda

Latest: Campus in a Summer State of Mind
David Wang

Latest: Life is about the moments that matter
Eduardo Cervantes
Class of 2019
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major(s): Philosophy & Management

Latest: The Philosophical Space
Monica Teuthorn
Class of 2020
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Major(s): Psychology

Latest: A Liberal Arts Education
Noemi Rocha
Class of 2019
Hometown: Austin, TX
Major(s): Nursing

Latest: A Texan's Experience in the Mitten State
Rourke Mullins
Class of 2018
Hometown: Batavia, IL
Major(s): Communication & Leadership

Latest: "Have to" to "Get to"
Tucker Marty
Class of 2019
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Major(s): Management, Studio Art Minor

Latest: A Message of Encouragement: A Senior Witness from a Friend
Yordanos Dessie
Class of 2019
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Major(s): Political Science & Psychology (Pre-Med)

Recent Posts

Life is about the moments that matter

I figured out a while ago that I should spend my life solving problems and so I’m pursuing engineering. While engineering isn’t easy, many pursue it in hopes of entering their field of work right after college. That was me, for like the first week of my freshman year. I quickly figured out, though, that … Continue reading Life is about the moments that matter

Campus in a Summer State of Mind

When your parents first drop you off at Hope, it is hard to imagine that you might not want to go back to “home sweet home” next summer. Holland is an enjoyable city to be in from Fall to Spring, but summertime is prime time for this beach town. Locals will tell you that Hope students are truly … Continue reading Campus in a Summer State of Mind

Live Where You Learn

By Kristyn Bochniak, Associate Dean for Residential Life and Education Picture it: You are a high school graduate ready to make “the big move” to become a college student with a college life, on a college campus, in college housing. You are ready to start a new chapter where independence and learning are your new way … Continue reading Live Where You Learn

A Liberal Arts Education

By: Monica Teuthorn Going into the college search, there were a lot of things I didn’t know. There seemed to be a whole new vocabulary of words and terms that applied to college that I didn’t have prior knowledge of. One of those terms was liberal arts. From the word itself and how it was … Continue reading A Liberal Arts Education

A Texan’s Experience in the Mitten State

I constantly receive questions about how and why I ended up in Michigan all the way from Texas. People always ask how I am adjusting to the winter, how I heard about Hope or what made it stand out. Hope is a special place with kind people. There is no perfect college, but there are … Continue reading A Texan’s Experience in the Mitten State