Favorite Thing To Do In Holland, MI | Message from Mattie ’20

Hope College is located in one of the best towns along the lakeshore… Holland, MI! There are tons of things to do in this awesome town, including the beach, Downtown Holland, Window on the Waterfront, Kollen Park, movie theaters and more. Downtown Holland, a.k.a. “Eighth Street”, is home to tons of incredible stores, restaurants, coffee […]

Community Volunteerism

Growing up, I was involved in many activities in my community, one of which included my church’s youth group. Throughout the year, we helped the community by participating in tasks such as bell ringing around the holidays to help people in need, and in return, the community supported us for our annual mission trips. From […]

Studying Abroad! | Message from Mattie ’20

Students at Hope College are highly encouraged to study off-campus at some point throughout their four-year experience. With more than 300 programs in over 60 different countries, there is a program for you! Many students will study abroad for an entire semester, or there is the option to travel off-campus for a May, June or […]

Moving Away from Home | Message from Mattie ’20

With just over three thousand students on Hope College’s campus, there are many who come from across the country and around the world. Each year, about one-third of the student body travels from outside Michigan to attend school at Hope College. There are quite a few students that come from different countries too – over […]

What Are You Involved In? | Message from Mattie ’20

At Hope College, there is always something for students to get involved in! On the last day of Orientation, students have the chance to learn all about what you can take part in during your time at Hope. Getting involved is what helps students become rooted in a community – whether it be the Student […]

Where Did You Live as a Freshman? | Message from Mattie ’20

Living in the residence halls on campus is always one of the best parts of freshman year. With eleven different residence halls to choose from, ranging from traditional community, suite or cluster style living, there is a hall for everyone to call home during their first year. The Residential Life staff in each of the […]

Why Did You Choose Hope College? | Message from Mattie ’20

With over 3,000 students on campus and over 35,000 alumni across the world, each member of the Hope community made the decision to attend Hope College for a variety of reasons. There are many different reasons why each of us chooses to go to Hope College – the world-class academic programs, the one-on-one attention you […]

Finding a balance – how to keep everything together and meet deadlines?

One of the first lessons I learned when I came to college was that I have more free time than I did in high school, but I also have more things to do. I am not only taking classes at Hope, but I am involved in different jobs and student organizations. This is also the […]

Five Signs That You Miss Your Pet

No need to be in denial, missing your pets while at college is a real thing! Here’s the key signs that you’re missing the furriest part of your family and how to deal with pet withdrawals. 1. Every time you see a dog or cat around campus you can’t stop staring. I’ll admit I’ve been […]