Mechanical Engineering: Can I Actually Graduate in 4 Years?

By: Andie Alsgaard As I was doing my college visits as a senior in high school, I constantly found myself asking engineering students if they were able to graduate in four years or if five was more realistic. Hope was the only school that was consistently stating that as an engineering student I would graduate […]

Five Signs That You Miss Your Pet

No need to be in denial, missing your pets while at college is a real thing! Here’s the key signs that you’re missing the furriest part of your family and how to deal with pet withdrawals. 1. Every time you see a dog or cat around campus you can’t stop staring. I’ll admit I’ve been […]

A Texan’s Experience in the Mitten State

I constantly receive questions about how and why I ended up in Michigan all the way from Texas. People always ask how I am adjusting to the winter, how I heard about Hope or what made it stand out. Hope is a special place with kind people. There is no perfect college, but there are […]

#ThrowWhatYouKnow (Everything You Want to Know About Greek Life and More)

  To rush or not to rush? A brilliant question that inevitably crosses the mind of many soon-to-be-freshman. And with great reason. It’s a big decision! Greek Life, no matter where you are in the country, comes with its own unique set of myths, stereotypes, and hesitations. I’m sure you know someone whose Instagram caption is […]

Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

We as humans have unique tendencies. We have a weird way of shifting who we are and what we do based off of those around us. Don’t think I am shaming you, I’m not. I can think of countless ways that I have conformed myself, made decisions, and have grown to be like those around […]

Chileans Speak the Hardest Spanish

Spanish is truly hard in Chile. I have to admit that my Spanish is not at the highest level at all, but Chilean Spanish is truly hard. There is a saying that, if one can learn to speak Spanish in Chile, than one can speak Spanish anywhere else in the world. Again, keep in mind […]

#JustPhelpsScholarsThings: The Confederate Flag Controversy

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, a student from Durfee Hall flew the Confederate Flag on Hope’s campus. According to an email sent by President Knapp, “The flag was removed and the Student Development staff is now addressing this as a judicial matter with the students involved.” The controversial issue of flying the Confederate Flag has invaded […]