Need Me This Summer? I’ll Be in the Lab

Meet Anna Lunderberg. Don’t let the relaxed pose in the hammock fool you. This summer, Anna is hard at work on campus, doing things like studying the brain tissue of rats and running Western blots. (Yeah, I had to Google that, too.) Anna, a soon-to-be sophomore at Hope, is collaborating with biology and chemistry professor […]

The First Snow Has Arrived!

The first snow always brings two sentiments to the students. The first one is comforting, because snow makes campus even more beautiful and it creates the true Christmas atmosphere. Especially with all the Christmas lights around campus starting to shine. The second feeling is negative. The first snow is a clear sign of a beginning of a […]

Celebration of Research

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that Hope College would have research opportunities for Accounting majors, but then again, that’s the beauty of Hope. One of my accounting professors contacted me last spring asking if I would have a desire to apply for a Frost Research Grant to study the Affordable […]


Hello Hello Helloooo! I am Forrest, the newest Blogger and I’d like to share with everyone what I have been working on during these cold, icy days. Budgetting! Woooooo. NO MORE IMPULSE BUYING. It is important to always remember to be proactive about your bank accounts everyone. I would like to spend a few moments […]

Looking Forward to Summer

How time flies! Crazy to think that tomorrow is the last day of classes for my junior year. In some ways I feel sad that the year is coming to an end. These past several months have been filled with so many great memories: Bible studies, exciting classes, date nights, new friendships, reuniting with old […]

Summer Research: Trips, Lab Family, and Fun!

I have neglected to tell you about my fabulous summer right here in Holland, Michigan. As a third year researcher at Hope, this summer was my ultimate time to grow in the lab. I was blessed to receive the Wolterink Prize in Biology in the Spring of 2013 for an upperclassman student that shows promise […]