Class of 2015 Pulls ahead….for the second time!

This weekend was the 115th annual Pull.

One of Hope’s most unique traditions (in my opinion), the Pull, is often viewed as a giant game of tug-of-war between the freshman and sophomore classes at Hope.

But really, it’s so much more than that.

  • The Pull brings a sense of “mini-nationalism” about the campus between odd and even graduating classes. It gives us something other than academics or sports to be proud of our peers for. As an underclassman, this also helps assimilate new students into the general population as juniors lead the freshman and seniors lead the sophomores.
  • It brings a little bit of “celebrity” to the participants, as everyone on campus knows if you’re a “puller” or a “moraler.”
  • It creates a huge buzz around campus. Nearly everyone is excited (maybe not always outwardly) at least about who will come out ahead.
  • It’s a huge game of strategy. Though some teams are stronger than others, it’s really the mentality, the leadership, and the game plan that help one team come out ahead.

It’s pretty hard to completely grasp the situation until you are actually in front of the pits, cheering for your friends that are screaming in pain and agony to win this for your class. Ya, okay, that doesn’t make it sound so appealing, but really, you have to check it out.

PLUS. 15 has won two years in a row. Which is ridiculously awesome. So, next year’s freshmen, we’re ready for you. 17 FIRE UP.

GUESS WHAT HOPE HAS…? Ok, you didn’t guess. Photos from Pull all the way back in the early 20th century. Check these bad boys out.

Confused? Read up on Pull.

Check out more Pull photos here, and check out the winners all the way back to the original (or at least what we think is the original) pull.

Published by Amanda Porter

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