Campus in a Summer State of Mind

When your parents first drop you off at Hope, it is hard to imagine that you might not want to go back to “home sweet home” next summer. Holland is an enjoyable city to be in from Fall to Spring, but summertime is prime time for this beach town. Locals will tell you that Hope students are truly […]

Life in Holland as told from my #Instagram

THE BEACHES Whether it’s Big Ol’ Red (aka Holland State Park), Tunnel Beach, Laketown Dunes, The Bowl, or some random beach front you found on a drive, everyone has their favorite beach and it’s a must no matter what time of year. Even in the depths of winter, my friends and I will bundle up […]

From Windy City to Tulip City

By: Eddie Cervantes Growing up in Chicago, there was always something to do whether it was in my neighborhood, downtown, or even in a neighborhood on the other side of the city.  Transportation was never an issue, it allowed us to get from one side of the city to the other without ever switching a […]

Playing Favorites: Downtown Holland

Holland is a small town with a lot of cool things. From windmills and wooden shoes to independent restaurants and small businesses, anyone can find something they enjoy. I’m going to play favorites and pick a few of the things Holland has to offer that I enjoy. Parks Holland has a lot of parks, 22 to […]

The Best (And Partially Hidden) Allergy-Friendly Places in Holland

I’m a food connoisseur – not just because I’m a college student – but also because I’m a, well, hungry college student. I lived my first two years in the downtown strip of Holland, running triathalons between JP’s, Jimmy John’s and Lemonjello’s- but this third year, I discovered there’s so much more to explore. Especially with gluten, egg […]

Pre-Dance Marathon Froyo #FTK

Dance Marathon is coming up this Friday. Last year, I participated as dancer for the full 24 hours. This year, I will be a “moraler” for an eight hour shift on Friday night. Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt shop downtown Holland, has been running a competition this year to see who can earn the most […]

Michigan: Winter / Spring / Winter

Last week, I saw some students were throwing a football in the Pine Grove. It was sunny, the snow had melted, and there was a cool breeze. They were wearing shorts. Today, some guys ran from Durfee to a pile of snow outside of Phelps Dining Hall. It was 20 degrees out. They jumped on their […]