Fall Break

I’m so glad to be on Fall Break. School has been so hectic, and being away from school is just what I needed. When I came home last Friday for break, I went to my mom’s new café she opened up (her actual opening day was on Saturday). I was so shocked to see how quaint it was. It’s in a little town outside of Traverse City, called Kingsley. The community is tight-knit and welcoming. I’m very glad this is where she put it.

ANYWAY, I started working for her that Friday getting things prepared and ready for the opening day. And guess what, MY BESTIE AMANDA also worked! Vee (my mama) loves her. She’s the Caucasian daughter she’s never had. Anyways, we worked on publicity and logistical needs for her café. We even made this menu. It took us a while!

This menu literally took us forever.
This menu literally took us forever.

As you can see, she was working hard.

Working hard, or hardly working?
Working hard, or hardly working?

On Saturday, Amanda and I reported for duty at 7:00 AM. That’s early, we know, but we were getting paid! It was so cool to see the community and my mom’s friends and family come together to support her. She was SO excited. She’s always wanted a little café, and she worked hard to get it! Here are some pictures from opening day!

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Practically, I’ve been working for my mom and studying during fall break. I have to study for my first standardized nursing test! It just shows how ready I would be regarding Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. I’m nervous for this exam, but I’m studying hard! I’ll keep you all posted about the rest of my fall break and what’s coming up this week.


Amanda’s Twitter: HERE | My Twitter: HERE | My mom’s Facebook page for her café: HERE. Make sure you like her page too! 🙂

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