Coffeewatch 2K15

This week, Marvin and I have united our powers to find the best coffee in town, just for you. As you might have seen some similar videos on the web, because this “challenge” was held in Holland, Michigan we can assure you that you will not see anything like this. All the caffeine addicts out there; we got you. As someone who is very particular with their coffee (extra hot, skim milk, double shot latte) I can assure you that the results were not biased and were definitely on point.

Enough said about the video; check it out to see who won two upperclassmen’s hearts who basically have more coffee than blood in their veins…

So if you liked that video (we’re sure you found that entertaining at least), you should check out the coffeeshop’s website. Our favorite (personal opinions) Lemonjello’s has so many great options. From teas, to pastries, what else could you want? And to mention that they were recently mentioned in a Buzzed article titled, “24 U.S. Coffee Shops To Visit Before You Die.” If it’s Buzzed mentioned, it’s definitely worth the visit!

The next coffeeshop to visit is JP’s Coffee. There is just so much recognition in Holland’s coffeeshops. They were mentioned as one of America’s top 10 coffeeshops according to the USA Today. So in other words, come to Hope. Not only do we have spectacular academics and community, but we have great coffee affirmed by the great nation of America.

Up next is Alpenrose Restaurant. What a great place. It’s Holland’s personal European style delicatessen and café. Definitely worth the visit with great coffee, pastries, and FOOD! Lastly, we have Hope College’s own coffee from Simpatico Coffee. Simpatico has coffee joints in both Holland and Grand Rapids. They offer a true café-esque atmosphere. Another place to visit!

Make sure you share our video and share this post with you friends. They’ll probably want to come to Hope College afterwards! Thanks for reading and the support!

Fall Break

I’m so glad to be on Fall Break. School has been so hectic, and being away from school is just what I needed. When I came home last Friday for break, I went to my mom’s new café she opened up (her actual opening day was on Saturday). I was so shocked to see how quaint it was. It’s in a little town outside of Traverse City, called Kingsley. The community is tight-knit and welcoming. I’m very glad this is where she put it.

ANYWAY, I started working for her that Friday getting things prepared and ready for the opening day. And guess what, MY BESTIE AMANDA also worked! Vee (my mama) loves her. She’s the Caucasian daughter she’s never had. Anyways, we worked on publicity and logistical needs for her café. We even made this menu. It took us a while!

This menu literally took us forever.
This menu literally took us forever.

As you can see, she was working hard.

Working hard, or hardly working?
Working hard, or hardly working?

On Saturday, Amanda and I reported for duty at 7:00 AM. That’s early, we know, but we were getting paid! It was so cool to see the community and my mom’s friends and family come together to support her. She was SO excited. She’s always wanted a little café, and she worked hard to get it! Here are some pictures from opening day!

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Practically, I’ve been working for my mom and studying during fall break. I have to study for my first standardized nursing test! It just shows how ready I would be regarding Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. I’m nervous for this exam, but I’m studying hard! I’ll keep you all posted about the rest of my fall break and what’s coming up this week.


Amanda’s Twitter: HERE | My Twitter: HERE | My mom’s Facebook page for her café: HERE. Make sure you like her page too! 🙂

CHRISTmas Gathering!

Wahoo I’m done with my finals!!!!! Now all I have left is one paper then I’m home free. People are starting to pack their bags and head home. I am staying until Friday because I work, and I just want to hang out with my friends on campus and not have to worry about schoolwork. I have put in quite a bit of studying these past few days, and I am worn out! I cannot wait to go home and catch up on sleep. Coffee has become my best friend this week! During break, I am going to try and cut back on my caffeine intake. People told me I would start to like coffee in college, but I never believed them. Now, I do not even remember what it feels like to not enjoy drinking coffee. What was I thinking? Now one of my favorite things to do in college is grab coffee with my friends.

My friends at Hope are incredible, and I could not be more thankful. I legitimately have met quality nice people. On Sunday night we attended Hope’s Christmas gathering, which consisted of classic Christmas carols and scripture readings. The chapel looked beautiful with its classy Christmas decorations and lights. It was a lot of fun to dress up with my friends, and after we had a little photo shoot in the Voorhees lobby. Here are some of the pictures from the last gathering.

Funny Christmas Picture

Amy, Colleen, Monique, and Grace

Ryan and Monique are so cute together!

In front of the tree in the Chapel

Grace and I 

Best May Term Class!

Hello everyone!

I am currently in JPs Coffee House prepping for my presentation that I give in about an hour. The entrepreneurship class has been great! We have heard from several different speakers and are learning about developing our ideas. We have talked about idea generation, idea assessment, idea protection, branding, human resources, financial resources, risk management, and market strategy. The course is very intense, but I am learning so much in only three hours a day. This entrepreneurship class is very unique to Hope and opens up a lot of networking for students in the class. We have attended conferences in Grand Rapids and have been having lunches with a variety of different business people from the Holland area.

I am learning a lot about business and everything it takes to get the ball rolling to start one. I feel like everything I learn in the class is definitely practical to my life and the real world. So far it has definitely been the most interactive class I have ever had. The class consists of only 10 people, and we have 2 professors so it is very personalized.

Well, I better work some more on my presentation. I hope you all have wonderful weekends! 

Here is a picture from my trip to the beach at Holland State Park. Beautiful sunset!

Springing into Springtime

Things I like about Spring in Holland:

  • Tulips and flowers are budding
  • I sleep with the window open
  • Frozen/iced coffee drinks from JP’s, Lemonjello’s, and Starbucks 
  • Visiting the beach 
  • Laying in the pinegrove looking at stars
  • Everyone is in high spirits because the cold weather is gone
  • Pulling my bike out of the storage room
  • Snow? What is that?
  • All winter jackets and boots are stored away in my closet
  • Going to get ice cream from Captain Sundae or walking to ColdStone
  • Classes are starting to wind down
  • Wearing shorts, skirts, and flip-flops
  • Spring cleaning (our room needs to be dusted)

These are just some of the things I could think of off the top of my head. School is going very well. My classes are starting to wind down and papers are starting to come. However, I enjoy working on my papers outside and spending time with people in the Pine Grove. Last night several students slept out in the Pine Grove for a homeless sleep-out to raise awareness for homelessness. The event was put on by Habitat for Humanity, and several students participated in the event.

I have been enjoying the nice weather and sunshine. However, I need to do some major work this weekend so I can finish up the school year strong. I hope you all have wonderful weekend!

Spring Package from my mom!