My life in slow motion.

SO!…. I’ve been so busy the past month, I can’t believe that I’ve been back in Holland a MONTH already. That seems ridiculous. 

Here are the some of the highlights of my past month:

My Mom and Sister came to visit me in Holland!

I can use my meal plan now at the Kletz because I have >70 credits. SCORE!

I have fully utilized the Make-Your-Own-Cookie bar at Cook!

My sister taught me how to organize my t-shirts by color!! [I fully accept that  this makes me a nerd] – but isn’t it pretty?

I went out to Chinese with my roomie and ate DELICIOUS food. Yum.

FINALLY, I was an OA (Orientation Assistant) and I got to welcome all the incoming students (freshman and transfers) to Hope with awesome activities!!

I hope your month was as fabulous as mine! 🙂

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