Dal Bhat we ate at a restaurant one day
Dal Bhat we ate at a restaurant one day.
"Dal Bhat Power 24-hour" featuring my friend Maya
“Dal Bhat Power 24-hour” featuring my friend Maya

Before this trip, I had never really tried Nepali food. Now that I have, I can’t get enough! It’s flavorful, spicy, and versatile. The staple of almost all meals here is Dal Bhat. This is usually Dal soup that is accompanied with rice, small portions of curries and vegetables, and usually some type of meat. We have this both for breakfast and dinner each day. On travel days, we also usually stop at a restaurant that serves Dal Bhat for super cheap. My host mom’s cooking is the best though. She always gives us so much food. Even if I say that I am full, she smiles and plops another spoonful of rice and vegetables on my plate. It’s also fun eating with our host grandma here because, as a traditional Nepali, she eats with her hand. Why do we need utensils anyway?

Besides Dal, Nepali people eat a lot of cookies and desserts. There are usually, at least, two tiles in a grocery store dedicated to different types of cookies! A popular type of cookie that is usually served with tea or coffee is called a digestive cookie. It sounds kind of gross, but they are actually pretty good! 

We can't get enough of the pastries here
We can’t get enough of the pastries here.

Other than traditional Nepali food, I have enjoyed trying all different types of foods at restaurants and coffee shops. I found a few coffee shops that sell really yummy bowls and smoothies! I really love breakfast food so I also love ordering some hash browns and eggs as some good comfort food. As someone who is vegetarian, I wasn’t sure how I would do going abroad, but it has been really easy and quite tasty trying all of the vegetarian options here.  

Different types of veggie bowls
Different types of veggie bowls.

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