Adventures on the Roof of the World

I got back from Tibet about a week ago, but its been whirlwind of finishing my program, packing, saying goodbyes, and doing last-moment-in-China activities.  A post on this past week to follow!  But, TIBET. This trip was the bulk of my final area’s studies class about Tibet.  There were 13 of us total, ten students, […]

Those Big Moments and Learning What I Need

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  In the meantime I traveled for our longest travel weekend to Shanghai and Hangzhou, and this past weekend, climbed the Great Wall!  My favorite part of Shanghai was seeing the iconic skyline lit up at night, even though it was smoggy, it was still awesome!  It was one of […]

So About the Study Part…

It’s not what usually gets talked about, but schoolwork is a significant part of the study abroad experience.  My program, Contemporary Issues in China is fairly intense.  We have Chinese class throughout the semester and Area Studies courses, which are held in intensive blocks one at a time.  Right now I’m in “China in International […]

A Day in the Life

8:00- Wake up, eat Chinese breakfast. This usually consists of zhou or rice porridge, a hard boiled egg, and usually something else. Sometimes I have dumplings for breakfast, I never know until I walk into the kitchen! 8:30- catch the bus to school. The time of my commute changes drastically depending on the amount of […]

Happy New Year!

Chungjie Sunday was the Chinese New Year, or since China now follows the Roman calendar, Spring Festival (Chunjie). Chunjie in China is like the American holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s all rolled into one. Life in Beijing stops as the migrant labor force (about half the population) returns home to other provinces. We […]