Dal Bhat and Nepali food

Before this trip, I had never really tried Nepali food. Now that I have, I can’t get enough! It’s flavorful, spicy, and versatile. The staple of almost all meals here is Dal Bhat. This is usually Dal soup that is accompanied with rice, small portions of curries and vegetables, and usually some type of meat. […]

Traveling in Nepal: Buses, Motorbikes and Frogger

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about the game frogger, but crossing the streets of Nepal often feels like I am the frog in that game. Traveling here is quite the adventure. If there are road rules, people don’t follow them. Stop lights and stop signs don’t really exist. Well, there are some stop […]

Hello Nepal and My Sweet Host Family

During these past few weeks, I have transitioned from Chile to Nepal. While some parts of transitioning are challenging, I have had an amazing experience. I live with my host dad and his mom who are Newari, and my host mom who is Japanese. I have two host siblings, a little sister who is four, […]

Living with Mapuche Families

For our third week in Chile, we traveled on a bus for 10 hours to a town called Curarrehue to spend a few days living with indigenous Mapuche families. This week truly marked me. As we drove into the town, I was in awe by the vast green mountains, countless miles of animals roaming free, […]

Weekend in Valparaiso

After a heavy week of learning about human rights abuses in Chile, we took a weekend trip to Valparaiso. Valparaiso is a city full of character, color, and art. There are not many housing regulations there, so houses are built on top of and all around one another! On our first day, we had class […]

What it’s like to live in a “post” dictatorship state

Before coming to Chile, I read a lot about Pinochet’s dictatorship. I read that it lasted from 1973-1990, and that, since then, Chile has recovered beautifully, evolving into a thriving democracy. Unfortunately, after many lectures and conversations with my host family and teachers, I realized that the state of Chile is not as it seems. […]

Homestay Family, Bella Vista, and Corn Tortillas

For three of the four weeks I’m in Chile, I get to live with my host mom, Claudia, and her twelve year old son, Lucas. My host mom is an incredibly talented photographer, and her house is full of her photos and different types of artwork. She’s completed many projects and books capturing human rights […]

Human Rights Alive in NYC

Much of our time in New York City was spent laying the foundations of human rights and traveling to different sites to see human rights work alive in NYC. When referring to human rights work, it’s important to distinguish the difference between Human Rights (HR) at an institutional level versus human rights (hr) at a […]

Vibrant Beginning

First Stop: New York A little over two weeks ago, I landed in New York for the first day of my Human Rights Program. I was quickly bombarded with the typical bumper to bumper traffic, a montage of smells, and loud noises. I was also welcomed with rich diversity, vibrant street art, food trucks, and […]