Chapter 4: The Simple Things

“Only boring people get bored.” – Sofi Byrum These are words that I have been trying to live by throughout this semester. Sometimes it is really easy to get stuck in the routine of the week, and only live for the weekends. A typical week for me looks like Monday- Thursday working at my social […]

Chapter 3: When Worlds Collide

My Hope friends came to Denver! It was such an exciting weekend full of all the Denver necessities! It brought me so much joy showing my people my home for the semester. We ate some delicious food, saw some incredible sights, and listened to way too much Adele. On Saturday, we explored a farmer’s market […]

Chapter 2: Hikes, Hikes, and More Hikes!

These weekly mountain adventures have quickly become my favorite part of Colorado. Don’t get me wrong, I love channeling my inner main character by staring out of the window on the bus, driving through the heart of the city, while listening to some Taylor Swift, but something about the mountains makes me feel like my […]

Chapter 1: Becoming a Denver Local

Lately life has looked like saying yes to everything, taking advantage of every opportunity, and discovering new coffee orders. I am now spending too much money on iced lavender lattes with oat milk and have convinced myself that to be productive in any way I must have a coffee in order to do so. Being […]

A New Chapter

Welcome back friends! This is titled A New Chapter because that is what I feel this experience will be for me. A fresh new perspective on myself, others, and the world. I’m happy you have decided to join me while I attempt to navigate life in the city!  Three words to describe my summer would […]