Pre-departure Emotions

Time passes so fast. In no time, I’ll be in the capital city of Germany, Berlin! There are so many emotions going through me all at once. I’m excited, but nervous and sad at the same time. It was the same exact feeling I had when I left home for the States. This time, it […]

Travel Day!

As I write this, I’m halfway to Rabat, Morocco! I’m sitting in the Paris airport waiting for my last flight. When I get to Rabat, I will have been traveling for 28 hours. At this point, the travel is definitely starting to exhaust me. I could have booked my flights differently, making a shorter travel […]


– Nos vemos mañana! (“see you tomorrow”) – Nos vemos! I am finally in my new bed at my host family’s house in Puebla, Mexico. Lying on the bed and charging my dead phone, I am reflecting on my eventful day.  11:46 am. My flight departed from Bentonville, Arkansas, where I spent an amazing winter […]

Day Trip: Howth, Co. Dublin

During their taxi rides in, several members of our writers group had been told of a quaint fishing village nearby, that had the best cliffside views one could hope for. After a bit of research, we discovered that this village was called Howth- from Old Norse Hofuth, meaning a promontory- and was only a half […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Sevilla

On the morning of January 15th, I woke up to sounds of a plane engine. Getting out of the hotel bed and walking over to the window, I could see the plane rising up over the O’Hare control tower and disappearing into the grey clouds hanging low in the sky. I was in Chicago with […]

So you don’t speak the language…

While studying abroad, I’ve been traveling all over the European Union. Catching a train or a flight has become second nature to me. But when I booked a flight to Paris, I was really nervous. This was my first time traveling to a country where I didn’t speak the native language. Thankfully I studied French […]

Here’s what you should ACTUALLY pack

For those of you who are studying abroad soon, I’m sure you’re trying to plan how you are going to pack everything you’ll need into a suitcase and a back pack. There are hundreds of lists online about what you should or should not bring, and believe me, I read a good chunk of them […]