Coffeewatch 2K15

This week, Marvin and I have united our powers to find the best coffee in town, just for you. As you might have seen some similar videos on the web, because this “challenge” was held in Holland, Michigan we can assure you that you will not see anything like this. All the caffeine addicts out […]

Coffee With Dad.

I’ve been home for the past few days, but on Wednesday, I woke up in Holland. And I met my dad for coffee downtown on 8th Street, at 8 AM, where snow abounded, but the sidewalks were clear. Whoever implemented the heated sidewalks, I applaud you for your insight. You’re the real MVP. I picked […]

Sushi… It’d be easier with a fork

“Stop it, stop, can you please NOT pick them up with your hands? You’re grossing me out.” “I don’t even know what that is.” “Yum. Yum, yum, yum.” “Mmmm, that’s really good. Yeah, I like it.” “Crab? That’s crab? You just told me it was salmon!” “Guys, I really like this, it’s really good! Can […]

The Perks of Living Downtown

Happy October!!! As this week wraps up I thought I would write about the perks of living downtown during my Senior year. First of all, after living in dorms for two years and an apartment right on campus Junior year, I was ready for moving somewhere more off-campus yet still “on-campus.” A bunch of friends […]

Yes, College Students still go skating!

Hello Everyone! I hope your week is going well. I enjoyed a wonderful weekend. On Friday it was my friend Monique’s 20th birthday. We celebrated by eating at Jonny Carino’s, one of my favorite restaurants in Holland. After dinner we attended the Hope Orchestra Concert to support Monique and watch her play the cello. She […]